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Secure Digital Payments

Protecting you during the transaction

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No need to handle cash or arrange alternative payment

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A safe and secure method of receiving online payment

Mobile Friendly Service. Use it anywhere at any time.

How does it work?

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Step 1: Set up your payout details

In a few simple steps you will setup an account and get ready to accept digital payments.

(You will need to provide a Government ID and Bank Details for this step)

Step 2: Invite buyer to pay

Enter the agreed sale price and the buyers email address. The buyer will receive an email with payment instructions.

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Step 3: Deliver the keys

Once the buyer has paid, the money is kept safe in a holding account, waiting for you complete the transaction

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Step 4: Money is released

Once you and the buyer have confirmed the handover of the vehicle, the money will be automatically paid into the bank account you specified.

How is it secure?

Each seller must verify their ID to use the service - creating more trust

The seller must provide a photo of their Passport or Drivers License in order to avail of this service which must match the details of the contract giving a buyer more peace of mind.

A safe middleman – Swiftcourt holds the money until the terms of the agreement have been fulfilled

This is an escrow service, meaning that Swiftcourt acts as a third party in your transaction. Both parties have to confirm that the vehicle has been handed over before the seller receives the payment.

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Who are Swiftcourt?

DoneDeal are offering the secure payment service together with Swiftcourt, our trusted integration partner. Swiftcourt provides services for safe peer-to-peer transactions in several markets across Europe. DoneDeal and Swiftcourt are working together to ensure a safe trading environment and to provide you with safe ways of making private transactions.

About Swiftcourt

Still have more questions?

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Why DoneDeal?

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Secure digital payments - Protecting you during the transaction

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