Your classic guide to vintage motoring

Ever dreamt of a bygone era when the days seemed warmer and the cars were cooler? Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to be an old hand to get on the road with a stylish retro motor Take any road around Ireland, especially during the summer, and there will either be a sign for a vintage car rally or a classic car will pass by that you enviously admire. If a historic car is something you’ve always dreamed of owning, at DoneDeal, we have a dedicated section for Vintage & Classic Cars in our Motor section. What is it that drives people to buy a car from another era? There are many motivations, according to John Boland, PRO of the Irish Veteran & Vintage Car Club. A mix of nostalgia and style “In fact most classic cars owners simply buy a particular model of car because they remember travelling in their parents’ car as children or fell in love with some exotic car they saw all those years ago.” Being a member of the Irish Veteran & Vintage Car Club simply requires an interest, he says. “The majority of enthusiasts will have some level of mechanical experience but this is not a requirement and, in fact, neither is the need to own a car.” Share your passion with others Being involved in historic cars is not as much a hobby, more a devotion, according to John, and from a social aspect, there is hardly another experience as rewarding. “Owning a car has so many benefits and while driving it is surely the highlight, the amount of knowledge and satisfaction one gains from working on a car and talking to owners of similar cars is incredible.” While this is all well and good, someone climbing onto the classic car ladder for the first time should think with their head, not their heart. Be practical, or pay the price “Firstly you will need to access mechanical skills. It’s not a good idea buying a car that’s in need of a total restoration unless you are able to complete most of the work yourself.” While there are lots of companies that will carry out this work for owners, it does come at a price. “The single biggest enemy of the motor car is corrosion and a vehicle that looks great can be a total write-off beneath the skin and careful examination should always take place before purchase,” John warns. There can be common faults particular to one type of car and this is where being a member of a car club before buying can be beneficial – other members will share their knowledge. Another very important aspect of classic and vintage motoring is sourcing replacement parts. Older vehicles are hardest to get spares for and these have to be manufactured especially. However, common makes such as Ford, Bentley, Vauxhall and Rolls Royce, in particular, have vast stocks readily available, John says. Things to note: Road Tax There is a VinVet annual road tax fee of €48 applicable to cars and €22 for motorbikes (price correct as of 2011). Insurance Vehicles more than 30-years-old attract special rates from specialist insurance companies. NCT Vehicles registered before 1 January 1980 are exempt – this is a fixed age cut-off and does not change. #Antiques #Motor