Winter is coming. 6 tips to help you be cosy in the cold

Once the first few leaves of autumn have fallen and you can smell burning turf in the air, you know winter is on the way. While you might relish the thought of curling up in front of the fire or being snug in winter woollies, here’s how to make life cosy for winter. 1) Turn on the heat From stoves to electric heaters, you’ll find all sorts of heating apparatus on sale on DoneDeal. Get familiar with different options in our previous article on home heating options on DoneDeal. In the article, we explain the basics of multi stoves, ranges, boiler stoves and other home heating options including electric fires and gas heaters. 2) Keep out the draughts Check with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland if you can get a better energy home grant for: Roof insulation Wall insulation Boiler and heating control upgrades Solar panels Apply for your grant first and see if a SEAI registered contractor is available on DoneDeal. Many of these advertise in the Building Materials section. Looking for a simpler option? There’s foam filler for sale too – find out from someone in the know about what exactly you need. Blinds and curtains are one way to keep an extra layer between your home and the cold. Good – lined – curtains can be expensive to buy new so look out for unwanted or second hand ones on DoneDeal’s Curtains and Blinds section. Measure up before you look! 3) Put fuel on the fire There’s more to fuel on DoneDeal than sticks and logs. Fuel you’ll find advertised ranges from gas and coal to logs, briquettes, turf, turf nuggets, wood pellets, kindling and paraffin. It makes sense to find a supplier that can deliver to you. Also make sure you’re getting fuel suited to your heater/stove/range/fire. Before you buy a load you think will do you for winter work out if it is the most fuel efficient option. 4) Layer up Wondering what to do about winter style? Read DoneDeal’s fashion blog posts to get ideas on what clothes buy and sell throughout the year. 5) Let there be light Fed up of stumbling in from the car or up the garden path in the dark? Maybe it’s time to install some outside lights such as flood lights. You’ll find outdoor lights in both Lighting and in Garden Furniture and Decking. Get someone who knows what they’re doing to install them – and ask their advice before buying. Electricity blackouts We may live in a modern age, however, if your electricity goes for more than a half an hour you’ll really know about it. Torches, candles and batteries are a must. Have a second kitchen or utility room? You could get a gas cooker. 6) Garden storage We all do it, look out at the frost on the garden furniture and think we must bring it in, or watch rainwater fill the paddling pool. Get a shed to store all your garden and outdoors bits and pieces away from the elements. Let the shed pay for itself over time as you sell your well kept items on DoneDeal once you tire of them or kids grow bored of them. #Winter