Why store items when you can sell them

Instead of paying for storage or filling up your parents’ attic, why not sell your belongings on DoneDeal and have the added benefit of receiving money for possessions you have no use for in the short term If you’ve ever put belongings in storage only to throw them out years later, perhaps it’s time you considered selling your possessions on DoneDeal and benefitting now from the cash you make. Whether you’re emigrating or just moving to the next street over, you don’t have to hold onto everything you own. Good reasons to sell rather than hoard When the time comes and you are returning home from abroad or you are moving to a bigger place you can easily replace the items you’ve sold (just look on DoneDeal). Remember, by the time you need to use the items again they will be that much older or you may no longer have use for them – and their resale value may have dropped significantly. Paying for storage can be costly and packing/unpacking possessions for storage in a spare room, garage or attic can be really time consuming. When it’s time to move on Perhaps you are moving house but you don’t have the space required to take your belongings with you e.g. Downsizing from a larger house to a smaller house or apartment. Moving in with family. Renting a fully furnished property Buying a property that comes with white goods You can sell household items such as washing machines, dishwashers, blenders, furniture, garden tools and furniture, gym or sporting equipment, and electronical equipment such as televisions. You can put the cash you make into savings or a holiday or even to buy other items you need. Profit from major life changes If you are emigrating, going back to college or have lost your job, you could sell your belongings and make some money you can invest in now instead of letting them collect dust. How about that guitar you bought a few years ago with the intention of learning to play it, but now it’s sitting idle? Do you have a stack of college books that you will never use again? If you’ve been married for a good few years now and see no need to hold onto your wedding dress and all the other wedding accessories, you could fund a romantic break away with the proceeds. If your children have outgrown their toys and the boxes are taking up space in the garage why not advertise them on DoneDeal and treat the kids to some new gear with the money you receive. Advice for first time sellers It might be useful to make a list of all the items you want to sell. For ideas on how much to charge you can research what similar items are selling for on DoneDeal. You want your product to look its best so it might be a good idea to clean it up before taking a photo for uploading with the ad.You can place a range of ads for as little as €1 and get a good financial return. Be sure to read the Sell Safely section before you begin selling. You can place an ad using your iPhone or your Android smartphone. #Declutter #Students #Wedding