What DoneDealers are most scared of!

DoneDealer’s entries to our Halloween competition for a scary VIP trip to Loftus Hall made for very interesting reading. It seems that even in the 21st century, the thought of the mythical Irish banshee is scaring the bejaysus out of a few of us, more of us are scared of zombies, ghosts and vampires. Some of us are bothered by balloons or butterflies or the thought of being buried alive. Our fellow creatures are preying on the minds of more of us, specifically sharks, chickens, birds, cats, bats, cows, bulls, dogs, fish, snakes, mice and rats. Some people are most scared of scary movies but more people are scared of public speaking and even more of job interviews. The top five biggest fears for DoneDealers were: 1. Spiders 15% 2. Rats 7% 3. WAGS 4% 4. Mice 4% 5.The Dark 3%. Click image to see full fears list!