What’s the big deal? Q&A with Neville Knott

Ever wondered what someone famous would DoneDeal? In the first of the DoneDeal celebrity interview feature What’s the big deal? we profile Neville Knott. In the latest series of Neville’s Doorstop Challenge on TV3, interior designer Neville Knott and his design team are using DoneDeal to help renovate a room in a home under a budget of €1,000. Neville will be upcycling and purchasing second hand furniture via DoneDeal while the Design Team paints a new colour palette for the room thanks to Crown Paints. DoneDeal Q&A with Neville Knott What’s your most treasured possession? A number of antique clocks, my father and grandfather loved clocks so I enjoy looking after them now. What 3 items would you bring to a desert island? A comfortable bed; A solar powered charger;  My iPhone. Are you a hoarder or a minimalist? Neither, I collect items but also constantly go through areas of the house and get rid of things. What do you hang onto? Old family photographs and electronic cables. What are you most likely to get rid of quickly? Old clothes. How often do you do a clearout of your belongings? Every year. If you were to place a DoneDeal ad right now, what would you sell? Two reclining contemporary chairs with footstools. What’s the best bargain you’ve ever got? A silver candle stick in a job lot, at an auction. What could you not live without? A comfortable bed. Have you ever sold or given away an unwanted gift? No, very bad luck. Have you ever bought anything vintage, second hand or antique? Yes, as I live in an old house, I buy a lot of things at auctions and online. Do you still have any toys or things of sentimental value from childhood? Yes, I have all my toys stored in an attic at home. If you were to persuade friends or family to DoneDeal, what would you suggest they sell? Any furniture (especially vintage), lamps, curtains and electronic devices. What buying and selling tips could you give, based on your experience in your own profession? Price is the key factor, I prefer to sell quickly and at a very reasonable price. Some people are very unrealistic in the prices they ask, I would suggest for any used item under 50% of the original price is the starting point. Have you DoneDealed yet? Yes, I sold a number of old chairs a few months ago. How did it go? Everything went well, very easy to place the ad, I had a  number of enquiries in the first day and they sold very easily. Neville’s Doorstep Challenge airs on TV3 for 8 weeks from 8.30pm Thursday, 17th April 2014 #NevillesDoorstepChallenge #RealDeal #Whatsthebigdeal