Ways to make the most of the free DoneDeal ads

So… you’re thinking of dipping your toe into DoneDealing? Or perhaps you just don’t have the cash to place an ad in the first place.  The obvious place to start is with one of our free ads. Here’s some ideas to get you started. In September 2014 we introduced a number of sections in which you can place a free ad. You can have the choice of a free ad when placing an ad in: Clothes & Lifestyle Baby & Kids House & DIY Sport & Leisure Music & Education Put aside time Selling involves an investment of your time. It could be a weekend or evening thing or just once a month or once a quarter you’ll go to the effort. So first things first. Write out when you will get around to the following: think of unused items you could advertise in the free categories pick out relevant items in your home to sell research the price you should sell it for – look at other ads write the description – the better the description the faster it will sell take photos or a short video place ad when suits you to meet buyers So you’ve realised your home and garden is a treasure trove, where to start though? 1) Sell by room/part of your home Let’s take the example of your kitchen. Have you found that you’re really just meat and two veg at heart and like your apple a day, yet you’ve a food processer, smoothie maker, juicer and all sorts of contraptions you do not use? Is your coffee addiction crippling you financially with all those little capsules? Just get rid of the machine. You’ll feel less guilt and have extra money in your pocket. 2) Attic conversion Attics are like personalities. They are so varied. Some are nice, neat and organised, others are just a dumping ground. Get a handle on your attic; start with the larger items. See if you can sell them, then gradually work your way through to smaller items. Put together a pile of things you could sell so they’re easy to find when you have the time to place the ad. 3) Sell by season Garden furniture, garden machinery, summer clothes, winter coats. When you’re packing items away, think whether you will really use them next year. If not, photograph now and advertise when it’s the right season. 4) Vintage twist “Who would want that old thing?” you may ask. Many a person, actually! People love vintage and whether it’s an old telephone or a tea set you received as a wedding present in the 1970s and didn’t like, someone else will love it. 5) Excess Do you really need to keep all those hand me downs for the next in line? Do you need the laptop now you’re on the tablet the whole time? Is four guitars better than one? Think outside the box when it comes to what you could sell that you don’t use or could sell in order to buy something more suitable and efficient. Remember the free sections are: Clothes & Lifestyle, Baby & Kids, House & DIY, Sport & Leisure and Music & Education.  Have a browse around to get inspired! #ClothesampLifestyle #DoneDealing #MusicampEducation #HouseampDIY #SportampLeisure #BabyampKids