Warm up your home this winter with DoneDeal DIY

With a bit of imagination, and DoneDeal, you can make your home a beautiful winter hideout Now that the kids are back at school, it’s the perfect time to give your home a bit of attention before winter arrives. Whether you’re hands-on yourself, or just good at directing workmen, you’ll find great services and bargains on DoneDeal. Painting As the evenings draw closer and the weather gets colder, you’ll find yourself more often in the house than out of it. The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to freshen up your home is to paint it – especially the rooms you’re going to spend the most time in, such as the kitchen and living room. If you have experience of painting, you can save yourself labour costs. Look on DoneDeal for painters in your area, there are plenty offering their services. As with any service: ask for references or testimonials of previous work done get a few quotations – it’s a consumer’s market at the moment Don’t forget: make sure you’re happy with the quality of paint being used ask them to include painting radiators in the price, as fresh walls will only show up grubby radiators Insulation If recent winters are anything to go by, it’s worth having your home re-insulated. Investing in good insulation will not only keep your home warm, but you’ll also save on energy bills. Services offered on DoneDeal include spray foam and other forms of roof insulation, cavity wall insulation and flat roof repair and insulation. Windows and doors It’s worth replacing older windows that no longer provide adequate insulation. Financially it might be easier to focus on the living areas first and replace windows gradually. Also, do you suffer from draughty doors that let all the heat out of the rooms? New internal doors are a once-off investment and can really rejuvenate a home, as well as making it cosier. You’ll find plenty of offers on windows and doors on DoneDeal. Solid fuel stoves and fires If you’ve been hankering after a pot-bellied stove for your country kitchen, or a wall-mounted fire effect gas heater for your lounge, now is the time to do some research on DoneDeal and get the ball rolling. You can always set up an email alert for specific items you may want, such as new or antique fireplace surrounds, or fire companion sets, that will enhance an existing fireplace and make it a focal point once more. You can also search DoneDeal for essential services such as chimney cleaning. Stay on trend Don’t just change your clothes for autumn/winter – change the colours in your home. From rich purples to warm chocolate browns and festive greens, add a touch of season-appropriate colour with simple throws and cushions for your living areas. Again, set up an email alert for items in specific colours to match your theme. #HouseampDIY #Winter