Using video to sell your property

There are more houses and apartments on the market in Ireland than there are buyers, so making sure you get a buyer’s attention involves using innovation and modern technology From television shows such as MTV Cribs to Grand Designs we’re all used to seeing every nook and cranny of other people’s homes. Architecture and interiors programmes are still popular so if you’re looking to sell a house, building or apartment on DoneDeal, you can be sure to draw attention by adding video to your ad. Create your own home video As there are so many properties for sale, it can be difficult for buyers to figure out which ones they really want to see in person. Including quality photographs in your ad goes without saying but by uploading a video of your property you can show potential buyers around without them every leaving their homes. How video can be used To demonstrate sound (eg creaky doors, noisy neighbours, birds tweeting, traffic) Give a better idea of space in a house Opportunity to highlight quality of finish Shows the appearance of the exterior of the house To show light at different times of the day Advice for technophobes Find out how to record video on your camera or phone Read our article on tips for video and ways you can use video in your ad Write down the key features of your house/apartment Make a list of what order you’ll show rooms/features Practice walking through your property, talking about the features Get a friend to look at the video and suggest improvements Keep practicing until you’re satisfied the video will help sell your property Connect your camera/phone to your computer and copy the video file over Upload the video you are most happy with to your DoneDeal ad Advice for the technical enough Follow the advice 2-7 above Upload your video to YouTube and edit it there ( When placing your DoneDeal ad include the YouTube link of your edited video Or Use an editing suite you are familiar with to edit your video When placing your DoneDeal ad upload your video to your ad Advice for the tech savvy Follow steps 2-7 in advice for technophobes Create and edit your video as normal You can upload your finished video or a YouTube link directly to your ad General advice Clean, tidy and declutter beforehand Remove valuables from sight Ensure the lighting is correct so that viewers can see everything Keep the camera steady and make no sudden movements Turn off the television and keep others quiet Turn the camera to windows to show views Have a friendly tone of voice Read our advice article on communications skills Tell buyers in your own words about the features and benefits Ask for a friend or family member’s honest advice Share your ad on social media to get the word out #HomeampDIY #DoneDealing #Placinganad #Property #Video