Using the wanted ads can help you sell

Checking out the wanted ads may inspire you to sell things you no longer need or put you directly in touch with someone who’s interested in what you’re selling Have you ever considered selling something by contacting a potential buyer? You can do just that by browsing ‘wanted’ ads. DoneDeal’s Wanted section is there to help sellers as much as buyers. Whether you’ve just placed an ad on DoneDeal or are just about to place an ad, a good move is to look at the Wanted Ads in the section your ad is in. Even if you’ve never considered taking out an ad on DoneDeal, checking the Wanted tab throughout individual sections of the website is a good way to get rid of items you no longer need. Make sure to fill out your wanted ad on DoneDeal to find items you'd like to buy The easiest place to start is the DoneDeal home page, where you can choose any of the popular sections shown there, or clicking on ‘See all sections’. You can also just go straight to sections on the top navigation bar of any page. Once you’re in your chosen section, you’ll automatically see items for sale. Click on Wanted Ads on the green tab to view wanted ads that DoneDealers have placed. As with for sale ads, you can filter wanted ads by area (All Ireland, Connacht, Munster, Leinster, Ulster), you can change the section you’re searching in and you can enter text into the search box.

By clicking on Advanced Search Filters, you will be able to further refine your search by minimum price, maximum price, private sellers and trade sellers. If you want to change the section you’re searching in, just pick a new section from the dropdown menu on this tab and hit search. While not everybody will enter a price on what they’re prepared to pay, others will and this can be very useful to help you set a price. Even if no price has been entered but there are a number of ads seeking something you have for sale, this may give you some room for manoeuvre with your price and dictate how high you can set it – if it’s something that’s in demand and short of supply. Often, the wanted ads are for parts – such as spare parts for vehicles or electronic items. If you’ve something that you’re about to recycle for example, check the wanted ads first to see if you can make cash from it or a part of it, or if you can just help somebody in dire straits.Of course, you don’t have to search through every section separately to view wanted ads. You can search simply by clicking on the Search button at the top of every page, then make sure you select the green Wanted Ads tab. Make sure that Section is set to All Sections and start typing in words at random. If a number of results are returned, you will be asked if you want to choose to view results from certain sections only.

If you’re not seeing any results, someone someday may place a wanted ad with that word in it. To get notified, click on Subscribe. You can choose to get notified by email or by a RSS/web feed. Remember, if you’re selling, you have to keep on your toes and know what customers want. #DoneDealing