Use DoneDeal to help you start your own business

Itching to strike out on your own? DoneDeal is a good place to get your business venture started, whether it’s equipment you need – or just a little inspiration. Here are some summery ideas to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing If you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, summer is a great time to give it a go. Summertime means more outdoor events – and opportunities that don’t require premises or a roof over your head. Here are a few ventures that might work over the summer, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, college student, or stay-at-home parent. Concert and event-related Do thousands of people pass your front door going to a big concert or match? Is there anything you could sell them? From wellies to water, there’s plenty you could offer. ‘Pig on a spit’ Some hotels already offer this novelty experience for special occasions, but a lot of people would love to have one for a house party. The spit (be it for a pig, lamb, or goat) is a step up from the traditional barbeque and an economical way to feed a larger crowd. Find the equipment you need in our Catering Fittings section. Cold things for hot days The Irish climate may have a mind of its own, but if we do get a scorcher, or a few days above 20 degrees at least, you could turn it to your advantage. Think fridges of cold drinks, freezers of ice pops, and ice cream vans and machines. Find the equipment you need in our Catering Fittings section. Things to check: Do you need a permit from your local authority? Do you comply with food safety regulations? Entertainment Live music comes to the fore in the summer. Cash in on the atmosphere, whether as a solo artist or as part of a group, and advertise your services on DoneDeal for weddings and parties, or offer music lessons. Prefer busking? Search DoneDeal for some new gear. Things to check: Do you need a busking permit from your local authority? Activity camps Depending on your skills, and the space available to you, you could offer summer camps or courses in specific activities such as art, cooking, music or traditional handcrafts. Things to check: Find out about insurance, health and safety and Garda vetting. DIY/gardening/cleaning services Make the most of the good weather by offering lawn-mowing, landscaping, home repair or cleaning services – depending on your expertise. Maintaining rental properties over the summer would be a good area to look at. Need the equipment? You’ll easily find whatever you need on DoneDeal. Things to check: Make sure insurance and health and safety are top of your list. How can I start a business? DoneDeal’s Business section is a great place to get a feel for what’s out there. Find out which ventures are already oversubscribed and look at where you could fill a gap. Even if you simply want a short-term boost of income, you need to make sure you’re properly covered from an insurance and tax point of view. It is easier in the long run to be legit. Once you’ve identified your business and made a plan, make the most of DoneDeal by looking for any second-hand/unused equipment you need to run your business, as well as services you might require to get up and running. placing ads in the DoneDeal sections that apply to your area of business #Smallbusiness