Transform your decluttered room

Make your home inviting and comfortable by furnishing empty spaces with items to help friends and family relax and have fun together If you’ve spent time spring cleaning and decluttering around your home and gardens, it’s time to treat yourself and refurnish (some might say reclutter) your living space. Here are some DoneDeal sections to help you make the most of a reclaimed room. Home gym What better use of extra space only to use it to improve your health and fitness? We’ve written before about how to choose second hand gym equipment. Measure out the space available first to make sure you will be able to exercise comfortably once all the equipment is in place. Pool room Go to our dedicated Snooker & Pool section to find pool and snooker tables for some family fun. Just make sure you’ve got enough space between the table and the walls to shoot some pool comfortably! Air hockey tables, football/fußball tables are also a great idea. Chill out room Head straight to the Electronics section if you’re transforming a decluttered attic, garage or spare room into an extra sittingroom for yourself, your other half or the kids to chill out. Computers If you’ve more people than computers in your household you may feel left out. Chill out online in your new space with a new laptop, computer, netbook or tablet/iPad. Do your research first – compare prices and ensure the machine will have enough memory and be fast enough for what you want. TV You will find a full range of televisions on DoneDeal from affordable older televisions suitable for a spare room to slimline flatscreen models. Not familiar with all the lingo? Choose what will work best for your room, your budget and make sure it works properly, is Saorview compliant and see if it is still in warranty. Videos & DVDs Go back in time and buy a video recorder to watch your home videos you uncovered from storage. If you’re putting an extra television in your house, a DVD player would be handy too – somewhere to watch those box sets undisturbed. Games & Software If there’s more war than war games being played in your front room over whose turn it is next, keep the peace with a second games console. Buy a second hand Xbox, Play Station, DS or Wii – or search for accessories as diverse as a fitness board, Kinect, steering wheel or musical instruments. Audio Equipment Go retro with a record player, CD player or tape deck to play your old music collection. Choose from a range of HiFi systems, speakers, decks, iPod docks and earphones in our Audio Equipment section to get away from it all. Furniture Have a look through our dedicated Living Room section to find traditional and funky seating for your chill out room. Browse for a regular sofa or why not look at something a bit different like a chaise longue, L-shape couch or a recliner sofa. An antique chair or stylish armchair can really add to a room if you’re interested in image. If practicality is more your thing look at second hand sofa beds or futons so that you have extra sleeping space for guests. #Declutter #SpringClean #HouseampDIY #SportampHobbies #HomeElectronics