Top five coolest-looking cars on the road right now

We finally seem to be into the 21st century when it comes to car design. Over the past two years, manufacturers have really started to think outside the box when it comes to aesthetic. Here, we go through the top five coolest looking cars that you could see on the road quite soon. These are all available to purchase right now. But do please note, you may have to have been a lottery winner to own one of these. 5 Cadillac CTS-V Price: From $84,000 (€75,000) 0-60: 3.8-seconds Horsepower: 640 Top Speed: 200mph (322 kmph) Highlights: The power of this car is jaw-dropping. Downside: The steering can be light on feedback and a little slow to react. The look: The well-known large Cadillac nose is on show here in a spectacular way. It’s a very scary to drive sedan with incredible power. The interior is futuristic. Like this and on a budget? Try this: Audi A3 Price: From $110,000 (€98,000) 0-60: 4.2secs Horsepower: 520 Top Speed: 215mph (343kmph) Highlights: Intelligent detailed information on road changes and conditions make this a superb drive, anywhere. Downside: It’s not as powerful as it should and possibly could be. The look: The aesthetic is so slick. It’s a very neat, very modern looking sports coupe. Wouldn’t be crazy about the seats which give off a very basic sports vibe. Like this and on a budget? Try this: Toyota Celica Price: From $243,000 (€216,000) 0-60: 3seconds Horsepower: 597 Top Speed: 202mph (325kmph) Highlights: As you would expect from Ferrari, Steering is quick and accurate, body control superb and supple Downside: Extremely loud and penetrating to the ear. But some people love that. The look: So good looking it’s almost a joke Ferrari are the kings of cool and the 458 Spider is probably the best looking road vehicle they have produced. Like this and on a budget? Try this: Mazda Mx5 Price: $50,000 (€44,500) 0-60: 4.2secs Horsepower: 485 Top Speed: 175 mph (282kmph) Highlights: It’s look, but driving-wise it offers sharp steering and a power drunk Hemi V-8. Downside: It may be a stiff ride in comparison to the rest on this list and has a massive wheelspin overload. The look: It’s true, we do have a Dodge Challenger as no2 on our list but just look at its retro aesthetic and tell us this doesn’t belong here. Like this and on a budget? Try this: Volvo S80 Price: From $237,000 (€211,000) 0-60: 3.4secs Horsepower: 592 Top Speed: 189mph (304kmph) Highlights: The slickness of design here is breath-taking. The drive matches the smooth aesthetic. Downside: It may not be the fastest car on this list and it’s steering can leave a lot to be desired. But that’s being picky. The look: Both interior and exterior are beautiful and that is why it tops this list of coolest looking cars on the planet’s roads right now. Like this and on a budget? Try this: Skoda Octavia Do you have a favourite looking car that’s on the road right now? Share your thoughts with us. #Motor