Top-class ideas for third-level students

Moving away from friends and family for the first time can be tough going but a few personal touches can be all it takes to make your new house a home. DoneDeal has plenty of new and second-hand furniture to help make your student pad totally rad August is a funny month for school-leavers and third-level applicants. Most people in the UK and Ireland find out about their college or university place after the Leaving Cert and A-Level results have been published. Once new third-level students have gotten over the jubilation of getting their first-choice places or indeed come to terms with the place they’ve been offered, the traditional house – or flat-hunt –begins. Personal touch Though private student accommodation has improved drastically over the last decade, there’s still nothing like giving your new accommodation that personal touch. While campus residences, university halls and student-specific accommodation are normally kitted out with the requisite study area and bed, private accommodation can often benefit from a bit of personalisation. A homely feel The first point of call on DoneDeal for new college and university students is the House & Home section. There’s nothing like a homely feel to a residence to help somebody settle into a new life away from friends and family. The Furniture & Interiors subsection is divided into categories such as Kitchen, Living Room, Home Office, Bedroom and Art & Decorations. All sections are searchable by region and county, so that means you could even just search for items for sale in your new home city. No need for debt The benefit of searching on DoneDeal is that it’s a way of browsing for items online but viewing, paying for and collecting them in person. We recommend people deal in cash, so if you’re a cash-strapped student, at least you’re not putting yourself in debt by putting it all on the credit card. Both new and second-hand items can be found on DoneDeal so if you have a tight budget you could land a new piece for your new home at a fraction of the original price. If you like everything to be new, well you’ll still have plenty to choose from. Student flats and houses have traditionally been eclectic, so if you’re dreaming of a bohemian student life, there are plenty of unusual pieces to be found on DoneDeal. Television for your room? Living with strangers can be a mixed bag, especially when it comes to television viewing choices. If you like the idea of being antisocial and watching television in your bedroom, search DoneDeal for televisions. Don’t forget to look for a Saorview-friendly one to save you on extra cable costs. Rented accommodation can be touch and go when it comes to extras. So whether you plan on being an atypical student and want to do your laundry rather than bring it ‘home’ at the weekend or you plan on being a typical student surviving on toasted sandwiches, you can search for a range of electrical items from dryers to sandwich toasters on DoneDeal. Investing in a good chair Of course, it’s important not to forget why you’re in a new home in the first place: study. Our Home Office section will help kit you out with a desk. Remember, don’t choose any old chair if you’ll be spending a lot of time at your computer – invest in one that will give your proper back support. #Renting #Propertytolet #College #Students #HouseampDIY