Top 5 cars coming to market in 2017

It has been estimated that the world’s top car manufacturers have invested over €5.5billion to update or rebrand classic models, ready for the market in 2017. We have picked the five we are most excited about and would very much like to hear from you about your motor anticipations in the New Year. Available at different stages through 2017 (can you believe we are now 17 years into this millennium?), these models would need quite the investment, but we can dream, can’t we? 5) Audi A4 2017 Audi A4 – photo credit: Price range: €34,950 to €59,400
C02 emissions: 99 to 137g/km
Engine size: 2.0 litre diesel
Why so cool? The exterior changes are so subtle that they are very difficult to spot but the drive has oh so improved from the past four years of A4s. We have never been particularly critical of the A4, but despite it’s glowing highlights, it has always seemed sluggy in comparison to its main rivals. It doesn’t anymore. It’s seems like a much lighter drive and it’s clear that the improvements made to the A4 were focused on the engineering rather than design. It’s almost been honed to perfection, you can feel it behind the wheel. 4) Tesla Model S 2017 Tesla Model S – photo credit: Price range: €74,394 -€161,614
Co2 emissions: 0g/km
Engine size: N/A
Why so cool? Yes, the Tesla is far from being perfected, but boy are their engineers having fun evolving this beast. The 2017 model offers up what I can only describe as a ‘game-changer’. It’s a massive leap up the scale for Tesla and I’m pretty sure will be seen as a notable upgrade. There are arguments that suggest this is industry-disrupting but to be honest, I don’t really care to argue on either point of that discussion. Quite frankly, The Model S is one of the car’s we are most excited about coming to market next year. It has a charm, both in appearances and drive, that make it stand out. 3) Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017 Mercedes-Benz E Class – photo credit: Price range: €51,035 to €99,325
CO2 emissions: 49 to 191g/km
Engine size: 2.0 litre diesel
Why so cool? Mercedes chiefs have invested €2.5million in just the engine alone to revamp the E-Class. The investment is worth it in the drive, that’s unquestionable when you sit behind the new E-Class but the money hasn’t just gone in to the engine. Mercedes are keen to see off challenges from BMW, Audi and Jaguar of course, to lead the top-class market this year. The cabin feels really roomy and the lighting is futuristic – a notable evolution. As always, the exterior is beautiful, though not a striking upgrade on previous models. 2) BMW M2 & 2 Series 2017 BMW M2 – photo credit: Price range: €33,390 to €77,520
C02 emissions: 108 to 199g/km
Engine size: 2.0 litre diesel
Why so cool? What an upgrade! BMW have pulled out all of the stops to hone the 2-Series to almost-perfection. This is one hell of a fun motor and is genuinely just as fun to drive as it looks. It is as light and zippy as you would imagine and there isn’t a more enjoyable drive on this list. There isn’t a more enjoyable drive coming to the market, in truth. It probably comes down to the new turbocharged four-cylinder that derived from the same modular engine family as the six. But that’s not all. The 2-Series is beautiful (it’s the ideal adjective to use for this motor) both inside and out. 1) Volkswagen Golf 2017 Volkswagen Golf – photo credit: Price range: Price range: €20,385 to €47,440
C02 emissions: 0 to 170g/km
Engine size: 1.5 litre
Why so cool? The Golf has been given one helluva facelift for the new year and – although these things are normally very subjective – I think it looks sexier than it ever has before. I count both exterior and interior in that ‘sexy’ claim. The subtle changes to the front bumper make more than a tiny difference as do the restyle wings. The dashboard takes about 10 steps up the ladder when it comes to design and technology, making the 2017 Golf our most anticipated car coming to showrooms in the next year. #Motor #Motors