The Scam Filter – Bigger & Better

Scammers be Gone! Over the last weeks we have seen a few scams on DoneDeal. Mostly cars advertised for a fraction of the normal price, but also some motorbikes, and a horse. Before you get worried, please be assured that most ads on DoneDeal have always been genuine, thanks to our clever Scam Filter. It stops most scams before they even get on to DoneDeal. For example, over the last month there was 24 scam ads, out of over 10,000 genuine ads. That is a mere 0.2%! The scam ads were removed within days, or even within hours, and every person who contacted the scammer received an email from us warning them about the scam. Also, it is easy to protect yourself from scams by following the advice in our Security Centre. Anyway, personally I hate scammers, and even 0.2% is too much for our high standards. These eeeediots try to steal hard earned money from nice people, and we have no time for these scum bags. Therefore I have updated the DoneDeal Scam Filter over the weekend. It is now even cleverer. In fact, I dare say it is by far the cleverest filter in Ireland.  For security reasons I cannot tell you exactly how it works, but it is good stuff! The new Scam Filter means our system automatically removes scam ads, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. It never sleeps! The new Scam Filter goes live on DoneDeal tomorrow (Monday). So next week the scammers better get themselves a decent job, or at least go hassle some other web site instead.