The RealDeal with Kirsteen O’Sullivan

Kirsteen, who has bought and sold items on DoneDeal, knows a thing or two about decluttering as she divides her time between London and Dublin. Below, she talks to us about her experience of DoneDealing and decluttering. Buying a car? Then you may recall Kirsteen O’Sullivan’s video for DoneDeal comparing a number of cars. Kirsteen is a presenter, journalist and car enthusiast, and has hosted Mission Control Online for McLaren, covered the prestigious Paris Motor Show for Toyota and reported on the English Premier League for NBC, Sportsnet Canada and other broadcasters as well as having been presenter on Magic FM’s  breakfast show in London. Previously she anchored the Champions League, Driving Seat and Xpose on TV3. What’s your most treasured possession? It has to be my wardrobe as over the years I’ve collected so many clothes and they reflect both a fashion journey and certain key moments in my life. They mean a lot to me; I can vividly remember being student and being so skint I didn’t have enough money for any at all. Over the years I’ve guarded my clothes and have taken really good care of them. I still have the dresses that I wore to host the London 2012 Olympics. I attach a real sentimental value to them. To keep things organised I have a wardrobe room and arrange everything on rails. It’s a little OCD if I’m honest. Clothes are probably my most treasured possession. What three items would you bring to a desert island? A good knife, flint and a water filter. I am really into all those survival programmes. I wouldn’t be packing my mascara, it would be all practical. Are you a hoarder or a minimalist? Definitely a hoarder but I am organised with it too. Anything I’m not using or know I won’t use for a while I pack it up really neatly and put it in the attic. I have to be really sure before I part with anything. What do you hang onto? Clothes of course! I find that I’ve still items in my wardrobe from when I was a teenager and they’re in great condition. I even wear them from time to time! If I know I want to hold onto something for sentimental reasons, then I’ll vacuum pack it. I tend to hoard passes. I’ve loads from the Invictus Games, Olympics and I keep my passes from all the Premier League games I cover. What are you most likely to get rid of quickly? Paperwork. I detest it. It’s so messsy. Also if something isn’t practical like an appliance I wouldn’t have any problem getting rid of that. How often do you do a clearout of your belongings? I do a big clear out once or twice a year. I’ve had quite a few house moves lately and that’s also a great opportunity to let go of stuff that’s gathering dust. If you were to place a DoneDeal ad right now, what would you sell? My surfboard. I have a lovely surfboard that I bought in Surfworld Bundoran about five years ago. I’ve had so much fun on it but I think it’s nearly time to pass it on to a new loving owner as I’ve advanced and need a different type of board. What’s the best bargain you’ve ever got? We were moving from a two bedroom apartment that was fully furnished to a four bedroom house and we literally had no furniture. We went onto DoneDeal and found a divan bed for the spare room. It was brand new, immaculate condition, I think we paid €200 and anyone who came to stay said it was the comfiest bed ever. Bargain! What could you not live without? My camera. It’s a Canon 5D and I have a few different lenses for it. I try to document everything and love taking shots of my husband David surfing. I treasure it and can’t imagine life without it. Have you ever sold or given away an unwanted gift? It hasn’t happened often, as if someone has gone to the trouble of buying a gift I just couldn’t discard it. I actually can’t think of an example. Have you ever bought anything vintage, second hand or antique? When I first moved to Dublin I bought an Alfa Romeo 156 on DoneDeal. I moved over from Glasgow in 2008 and needed a car pronto. It was an old model but it did the job. It was a lovely car to drive. I have also bought clothes in vintage shops, I really like the idea or wearing pre-loved clothes that have a story. You can get great vintage clothes on Done Deal which saves a bit of rummaging. Do you still have any toys or things of sentimental value from childhood? I think because of moving around I lost a lot of my baby toys which my mum had kept for years. I had a little pink bunny rabbit I had since I was born and when we got Daisy our dog, she ate my bunny. That was the last remaining thing I had from my childhood. I was gutted. If you were to persuade friends or family to DoneDeal, what would you suggest they sell? I think a car – it’s a really good platform to reach prospective buyers right across Ireland. The second-hand market is thriving. It’s surprising how much you can fetch from unwanted bits and pieces around the house – anything that’s unused or in the attic. Take a picture and get it up there I say. You are basically sitting on money. My mum always says one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. It’s so true. What buying and selling tips could you give, based on your experience in your own profession? Always be honest about the condition of the item and make it visually appealing. It’s so simple it and doesn’t need to cost money, it just needs to show the item in the best and truest light. So get some good pics and if you’re up for it, film a short video. It’s so easy. If it’s a car, walk around the car, film inside and out. If there’s damage to the paintwork show it, don’t hide it. You don’t need to edit it. A one-minute video will do the job nicely. It also saves buyers a wasted journey. It’s such a pain to see something online only to make a trip and find it’s not exactly what you thought it was. Have you DoneDealed yet? We sold two cars on DoneDeal and both were seamless transactions. If I’m not buying then I love browsing. You just never know what’s out there. #RealDeal