The new Nissan Micra is here to shake things up!

The new Nissan Micra – things are about to change around here, it’s time for #NoMoreNiceCar Back in January we reviewed the all new Nissan Micra in the DoneDeal Motor Magazine. It has been clear since it’s launch that the new model would be radically different from previous models. To really grasp the essence of this transformation Nissan have created a story to show that the all-new Micra is challenging conventions as a leader in style, design and innovation. The all-new Micra won’t be pushed around. This is a car that is ready to defy all your preconceptions Take all those preconceptions you had about the Nissan Micra and throw them out the window! The new Micra will arrive this month and it is NOT what you were expecting! Have a look at their new promo video and see for yourself.  #NoMoreNiceCar #Motor #MotorReview