The latest adventures from the Galavanting Gringo

Enjoying the view of the Chilean Andes from the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina The South American Bit – Some Things You Should Do in America Latina So, I’m obviously not the most disciplined writer in the world. I’m six months into my round-the-world trip and I’ve only written two blog posts. That must surely be an achievement in itself, right? Rest assured though, it’s not for a lack of tales to tell. Some highlights for me were trekking the Inca Trail & visiting the vineyards of Mendoza, but some of the best times were had in the more obscure places. Find The Obscure And “Look at that view!” If you like to make like a Robert Frost and take the road not taken from time to time, is an absolute gem for finding the weird and wonderful, for example: Buenos Aires at Twilight from the top of Palacio Barolo Visit the Palacio Barolo building in Buenos Aires, built as an homage the Divine Comedy. (Neil Hannon, not Dante Alighieri) Looking down from the “Purgatory” section of the Palacio Barolo to the “Hell” section. It looks pretty lavish for hell though… Spook yourself in the Convento de San Francisco Ossuary. In the old town centre of Lima, lies the mortal remains of an estimated 70,000 people. The tour guide said so nonchalantly that it took the archaeologists 4 years to arrange the bones into pretty patterns. I asked her why they did it at all and she said “because it was cool”. Riding rooftop on Rafa’s old Volkswagen Type 2 through the countryside near Medellín, Colombia. Experience El Peñon de Guatape, Colombia – a massive rock worshipped by the Tahamies Indians. The view is amazing and well worth the 649 step staircase. Also, I highly recommend going with Rafa from Van for Colombia, great tour and amazing food is included. Food that is cooked in the back of the van while you’re hiking the rock! Nothing says “mmm, das tasty“ better than “van food”. Genuinely. Reaching out to some locals. Pucusana, Lima Provence, Peru. Take a day trip to Pucusana – a small fisherman village about an hour south of the city. Basically like a tropical Dunmore East. We rented a boat and went sailing around the coast and were treated by the beautiful song of the Sea Lions. It is a little sad to be waving the New World goodbye, but at the same time it is a treat to be back in Europe for the summer – even if only for the Guinness availability! Can’t bate it. #GalavantingGringo