The joy of getting money from selling something you don’t use

Is there a bulky item in your home or office that you keep bumping into or just hate the sight of? Look at it another way – it could be the answer to your cash flow issues. Here’s a personal story from Elaine Larkin to get you motivated This little piggy went to the bank Moving house provided the inspiration for my first DoneDeal sale. Whatever the reason, be it a general declutter or wanting to get some cash back on an expensive but rarely-used piece of equipment, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to sell on your unwanted goods. My unwanted item When I was moving house one of the things I didn’t think about was the exercise bike. Exercise bikes are ugly things; they stand in the corner of some room they’re not meant for. They’re always bought by people they’re not really meant for either. I was one of those people. I’d been advised to get one for High Intensity Interval Training, but of course I lacked the motivation to get on the bike for a few minutes every day. If I had remained in the house I was living in, the exercise bike would have stayed there too – in the corner of the kitchen, where it was put to great use as somewhere to dry clothes or hang Christmas lights. Looking at it would have filled me with guilt every day. It would have been a constant reminder of how I wasn’t doing enough exercise. It was an ideal candidate for a DoneDeal ad. Getting started I decided that there just wasn’t room for the bike in my new house. It was being stored in a hallway and had become a real inconvenience. So, I eventually bit the bullet. It had to go; I was never going to use it. The €125 I’d spent on it was a distant memory and, as it was January, I really needed the money. These are the steps I took to sell it: I had taken photos of it on my phone months before, in plenty of light, from different angles I dug out the receipt to check a) the price and brand name and b) was it still under warranty for any potential buyer I looked at the DoneDeal ads for exercise bikes to give me an idea of the general going price I then looked at the ads in my local area to see what other sellers were quoting I set a price of €75; priced to sell I created the ad from the DoneDeal app on my phone, including details, photos and contact information The sale The calls and texts started coming in. I gave the first option to the first caller – who, as it happens, I actually knew. I gave him all the details over the phone and was very clear that I wasn’t moving on price. It was priced to sell – the advantages being that it was local, already assembled, in warranty and nearly-new (just six months old). I also had other people interested in it. He came to the house to view it and decided to take it there and then. We gave him a hand bringing it out to the car and, while he couldn’t close the boot, he didn’t have far to go. I removed the ad straight away and contacted another interested buyer to let them know it was gone. Personal satisfaction Getting the cash into my hand for selling on an unused item was an amazing feeling. Do you have a DoneDeal personal story you’d like to share? Email hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie with RealDeal in the subject line. Just give your details in one or two sentences, as well as your name, county, phone number, and email address and we’ll contact you. Don’t want the focus on you? Just tell us a weird or wonderful story about the item you sold on DoneDeal or your fond memories of the item you are selling. #DoneDealing