The Importance of Car History Checks

Do you know the background history of the car you are about to purchase? Before buying a car from a private seller, how can you be confident that you’re making the right decision? Remember, the amount of money you will spend is significant and probably the next highest spending commitment you make apart from your house. If you are a first time buyer, you’re likely to have lots of questions; What make and model of car should you go for? What can you get for your budget? What are the tax and insurance costs? Is the seller trustworthy? The Car Buyers Checklist on DoneDeal will guide you in the right direction when answering all of these questions. We offer a downloadable checklist for potential buyers to bring with them when meeting a private car seller, which we would encourage you to make use of. If you’re happy with the car, there is also a downloadable car sales receipt available for you and the seller to fill in which acts as proof of purchase. One of the most important steps on our checklist is to carry out a car history check, which will give you peace of mind when making your car purchase. You can use purchase a history check online through DoneDeal. A car history check will give you details of the make and model of the car, the number of previous owners and whether your car is subject to a finance agreement. Lots of other relevant information will also be given to you which will help you make an informed decision about your car purchase. Always remember, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is, so walk away. Contact your local Garda Station if you suspect the vehicle is stolen and report any suspicious ads to DoneDeal.