The Data Revolution Part 3 – Results, Not Just Clicks

In Part 1 The Data Revolution – The Beginning, we looked at three basic but very helpful tips to get you started in the world of Google Analytics. Following this up with Part 2 – Reporting, Tracking & Quantifying campaign engagement as it flows through your website.  We are now looking at the third instalment in this series of four articles which looks at Results, Not Just Clicks.  Read on for pointers and tips to ensure you get positive results in the digital space, for your dealership. Just this week, a dealer principal asked, ‘How do you put all the various digital steps into action?’.  He wasn’t familiar with Display Advertising or Google Analytics. However he was advised by the Marketing Manager of the Manufacturer Brand he represented, that a set percentage of his 171 marketing budget, must be allocated to display advertising to ensure he could claim full dealer support during this, the busiest sales period of the year. Display Advertising (Banner Advertising) Display Advertising is still a very unknown marketing space for so many dealers across Ireland. With so many still asking the same question… “How can I secure real results from banner display advertising and not just ‘these’ clicks?” . Display Advertising can be summarised in three very simple steps. Creative, Targeting & Tracking. Please find a more in-dept explanation into these three steps. Creative (Banner Design) With clever Creative focusing on the latest PCP/ Financing offer, the display campaign will educate the consumer audience to the affordability and advantages of purchasing a new vehicle over a used model. You can’t presume that because your manufacturer has delivered a national marketing campaign, that your local consumer audience will fully understand the key benefits of the PCP/ Financing offering. Or just how affordable that new 171 car purchase actually is compared to a personal loan from the local credit union or worse, purchasing from your local competitor. Targeting The effectiveness of the campaign and achieving the end result, heavily relies on the Targeting metrics. You must reach the consumer when they are in the deepest part of the marketing funnel. Reaching them whilst they are reading a local paper during a lunch break (if you actually know someone who still does this) does not even remotely guarantee you will reach anyone who is considering to purchase a car. With the competitiveness of PCP and Financing in the current marketplace, you are not just trying to reach the person looking for a New car. You must target everyone considering to change their car, new or used. Daily Visitor Traffic The Motor Channel within is unique within the Irish Marketplace. Not simply because DoneDeal receives more daily visitor traffic searching for Cars for sale, compared to our three competitors combined. It’s actually because we are the No1 platform for both Trade and Private sellers, currently listing over 90,000 cars for sale. If a private seller is only advertising to sell his/her cars on one classified advertising platform, where do you think they are browsing to purchase their next vehicle? Due to the high level of visitor traffic and volume of content, we are able to offer our Main Franchise Dealer Partners unique contextual brand and location targeting combined together. A consumer from Galway, is not looking at Cars listed in Dublin. Nor are consumers in Dublin interested in cars listed in Kerry.  Consumers only truly want the best deal that is on offer, locally. With strategical brand and location targeting, the DoneDeal Motor Team offers Dealers direct targeting of consumers actively searching their brand in the country where their dealership is located. This level of targeting is unrivalled across all other media platforms. Tracking Finally, Tracking. Dealers who work with DoneDeal and utilise our unique display solution secure an unprecedented uplift in online visitor traffic and considerable growth in sales enquires through their own website and direct phone enquires. If you are interested in securing actual results from your marketing budgets during the busy new car sales period, please feel free to contact me directly by email and I am happy to schedule a time to catch up on the phone with you and find the best solution to suit your brand and location. Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning about developing a display advertising strategy for your dealership. From campaign creation, through to bespoke contextual targeting, with 100% real tractable results, the DoneDeal Motor Team can deliver real results from your marketing investment during all busy sales period. Simon Andreucetti,  Strategic Key Account Manager E: Simon[dot]Andreucetti[@]DistilledSCH[dot]ie #analytics #Data #Digital #Motor