The Data Revolution – The Beginning – Part 1 of 4

Since the start of time, Dealerships across the Country, have all closely monitored the footfall traffic of the showroom to gauge the volume of customers who are interested in purchasing a vehicle from them.  When the volume of customers would fall, a marketing strategy would be deployed, to bring the fallen numbers back to the showroom. As we all know, dealership visit numbers are down, due to consumers spending nearly four times more time browsing and researching online before they consider calling to the premises.  To ensure both the physical and virtual footfall is captured, dealerships must start understanding the true value of data from their website, that is available through Google Analytics. In this article, part 1 of 4 part series, I would like to highlight three basic but very effective features of Google Analytics.  Some might find these points in this first article slightly basic but I do promise to provide some real insights and technical advice during this four part series of The Data Revolution. The Beginning – part 1 of a 4 part series The Data Revolution Google Analytic is a free analytics tool provided by the fine people in Google. If you currently have a website provided by a classified company and currently don’t have access, you should request this straight away. You are entitled to full access and ownership of this reporting tool to analyse your business and customer online activity. Simply request the login details and password. [] 1. How is your audience finding you? Have you ever wondered how people are finding your website?  Does one classified website deliver more visit traffic in comparison to another?  Some of your users are probably finding your website just through direct traffic, but knowing exactly how your users are arriving is powerful information.  This will help you strategically plan further marketing campaigns to focus on the best performing audiences. To see which referral sites are driving the most traffic, follow these steps in your Analytics account and follow the path:
Acquisition >> All Traffic >> Source/ Medium You will now be able to review which online channel is delivering the most visitor traffic to your website. This will become even more important the next time you run a marketing campaign as you will be able to see how visitors came to your website, did they engage, how many pages they visited and how long they spent on your virtual showroom floor. 2. Which content is getting viewed most often? One of the things that I’ve found most interesting when looking at Google Analytics is the content that users spend time viewing. In your analytics account, follow these steps to see which content is getting the most views:
Behaviour >> Site Content >> All Pages This could be an opportunity to help you understand what consumers are most interested in when visiting your website. Are they only browsing Used Car Stock? Are they spending time learning about the latest PCP offering? If the visitor traffic to your new car offers are low; this means your target audience don’t actually know about your current offers. This will be reflected in the sales numbers for the same product. The current marketing plan is either not targeted at the correct audience or you are not using the correct media channels to secure response. 3. See who is on your site in Real Time! Did you just send out a big email blast or share a fun post on social media?  Are you about to run a big marketing spend across multiple media channels for the promotion of Hire Drives, Used Car Sales, Demo Week, VIP Events?? In Google Analytics, you can see how users are responding to your marketing efforts in real time! Simply click “Real Time” on the left hand navigation bar to see how many users are currently on your site, the traffic sources that referred them, which pages they are viewing and more.  It will allow you to monitor the success of campaigns and the pages on which users are spending the most time. In the next article I will delve more into reporting and how to create bespoke campaign URLs so that you are able to break the response down into each individual media channel and separate marketing offer. Let this be the start of the The Data Revolution… stand up and take control of your Google Analytics and understand how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning about developing a digital marketing strategy for your dealership. From Campaign Creation, through to bespoke contextual targeting, with 100% trackable results, the DoneDeal Motor team can deliver real results from your marketing investment during all busy sales periods. Simon Andreucetti – Strategic Key Account Manager
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