Spring Clean in the fresh air

Looking for an excuse to get out in the fresh air during this slow-to-get-started summer? Why not get stuck into spring cleaning your garden! A grand stretch in the evening and the smell of fresh cut grass is always a sign spring is here. It seems wrong then to think of spring as a time to ‘spring clean’ indoors only. Spring is also a time to spend in the garden and there are many items for sale on DoneDeal to help you tidy up green areas outdoors. Is it time to buy new garden equipment? DoneDeal’s tips for tidying the garden If you need motivation to tidy up your own land or garden, we have some tips for equipment you can find on DoneDeal to help you spruce up your own surrounds. Garden shed Unless you have a garage, you will need somewhere to store equipment from rain or thieves. When choosing a garden shed make sure you will be able to move garden equipment in and out of it easily. Patios and decking If you already have a patio or decking, you can clean it with a power washer. This will remove moss and dirt off surfaces. Grass A lawnmower is a must for keeping a neat lawn. Choose from electric or petrol push lawnmower. If you’ve quite a large garden, large budget or low physical strength a ride on lawnmower may be worth investing in. Some mowers collect grass as you go along. If yours doesn’t – don’t forget to buy a rake. You can use a strimmer, garden shears or simple clippers to tidy up the edges of your lawn. Clearing overgrowth If the bottom of your garden has been swallowed up by a mass of brambles, briars or weeds, why not really clean up by clearing it. As well as getting a work out in the process, you may have a nice new sun spot to put garden furniture. How to start spring cleaning outdoors Wear protective clothes and glasses Get all your equipment together and remember basic items like a shovel might be handy Cut out/chop down the offending plants with heavy garden shears or a strimmer Once you have the space cleared, you can rake out weeds and big stones Use a rotavator to clear out further stones Plant with grass, shrubs tress or flowers or cover with patio slabs, timber decking, stones or bark Find garden furniture on DoneDeal to fill the space (read our article on ways to jazz up your garden) Invite friends, families and neighbours over for a garden party and show off your hard work. #GardenampLandscaping #SpringClean