Spend wisely and stir up a Halloween of ghoulish glee

Worried that a blood-chilling bank balance will affect your Halloween hoolie this year? Here are some tips on how to have freakish fun on a toe-curlingly tight budget Planning to celebrate this Halloween? Don’t let the fear of spending money send a chill up your spine. There are plenty of deals and ideas on DoneDeal to help make this a Halloween to remember – for kids and adults alike. Costumes The number one requisite that springs to mind when you hear the word Halloween is a costume. Check out DoneDeal’s designated Costumes section for outfits to buy on the cheap or even to rent for the day/night. You’ll find a huge variety here, from Disney characters and the standard witches and wizards for children to medieval, vampire and more adult-friendly costumes for the grownups. Make your own There is, of course, plenty of time to get the creative juices flowing and come up with a homemade creation. For great deals on second-hand or never used material, check out the House & DIY section. You’ll find luxurious curtains and other upholstery material in the Curtains sub-section. Why not make your own princess dresses or wizards cloaks that will last a lot longer than shop-bought outfits? Any would-be spooks will find plenty of duvets and sheets in the Bedrooms sub-section to make ghostly get-ups; while adults looking for a more elegant costume can opt for vintage items in the Clothes & Lifestyle section that can be used again. There are also great offers on Accessories from costume jewellery to scarves and hats to complete your look. Setting the scene If you’re looking for party ideas, both indoor and outdoor, a good idea is to pick a theme. For children, themes could include Haunted House, House of Horrors, Transylvanian Families, or anything to do with Harry Potter or Twilight. You can then search the relevant DoneDeal section to find specific items. For example, your Haunted House might involve making over your lounge or garage using House & DIY items such as old-fashioned lampshades, lace curtains, large wardrobes and a creaky rocking chair to set the scene. Games If you don’t want to completely destroy the house, there are plenty of games that can be played outdoors such as bobbing for apples in a shallow basin of water, or a Halloween-themed treasure hunt. It’s also a good idea to have some indoor games ready, just in case the weather turns against you. Simply add a Halloween twist to party classics, such as ‘Pin the Nose on the Witch’ or ‘Musical Zombies’. Keeping your little ghouls safe If you’re going down the route of a bonfire later on in the evening, make sure safety is your priority. Bonfires are dangerous (from sparks to toxic fumes) and if you’re thinking of making one or facilitating one, think again –  burning of waste is illegal. Fireworks larger than sparklers remain illegal items that should only ever be handled by responsible adults. Finally, bear in mind that it can be an extremely stressful time for the four-legged members of the family. Always try to keep pets indoors around Halloween time. #ClothesampLifestyle #Halloween