Speeding up the selling process

If your ad isn’t getting the response you were hoping for, DoneDeal has plenty of facilities on the site to help you sell those unwanted items faster The dream home, the dream holiday, the dream car; regardless of the state of the economy, personal finances or your wage packet, everybody has their dreams. However, for a lot of people, their dreams are just out of their grasp and need an injection of hard-earned cash – whether it’s a tenner or €10,000 – to make them happen. Therefore, it’s not surprising that making a quick buck is a dream that lots of people share. For many DoneDealers, this has become a reality by making a quick sale on DoneDeal. Whether it’s to pay the electricity bill, free up space in the front yard or make money out of a prize they’ve no use for, DoneDeal sellers are making money, literally overnight, through the DoneDeal website. Shopping trolleys Photo: Timo Kuusela Some rights reserved Feedback from users indicates sales of goods and items on DoneDeal happening in minutes, hours and days. So how does this happen? As much as people want to sell items, there are others looking to buy these same items. Some potential buyers will arrive to DoneDeal through internet searches. Others will be avid users of the site who check in regularly through their mobile phones or on a computer at home or at work. Some people even have a specific DoneDeal section set up as their homepage so they’re always kept up to date. Those who are really keen on getting a specific item at the right price or in the right condition have email alerts set up. Aside from buyer behaviour, we have plenty of facilities on the site that can help a seller speed up their selling. The first of these is that everybody can see how many views an ad has had. So, if you’re a seller, why not check in regularly to see how many views your ad has compared to other ads selling similar goods in that section. You can also use the email alerts to see when similar ads are uploaded. Everyone in business keeps an eye on their competitors and the same principle applies to online selling. If you’re not getting as many ad views or initial queries by email or phone as you’d expected, one of the obvious things to refer back to is the price. You may have a certain figure in your head regarding the value of what you have for sale, but buyers may have a lower price in mind. A price you’re happy with is something only you can decide. As explained in our article on maximising your ad’s results, buyers like to have as much information as possible in front of them on DoneDeal before even contacting a seller. You may need to revisit your ad to improve the content you’ve included or alter the price to make it more attractive to buyers. You can update your ad by going to it on DoneDeal and clicking on the Edit ad link in the blue box. You can also ‘bump up your ad’ regularly so that it appears at the top of the search pages again. #DoneDealing