SpayAware 2015

Melrona from DoneDeal, Claire Byrne, Pete the Vet and Erica from Maxi Zoo We’re delighted to once again be a part of SpayAware 2015, the annual appeal calling on pet owners to play their part in ending Ireland’s toll of unwanted cats and dogs. The SpayAware posters are being circulated for display in hundreds of venues around the country, so keep an eye out for them and help spread the words to neuter and spay your pets! “This year we are highlighting the message that while cats and dogs can’t add, they do multiply. So it’s vital that all pet owners play their part in preventing animal overpopulation by ensuring their cats and dogs are neutered or spayed. It’s also much better for good pet health.” – Pete Wedderburn. Please read over The Facts about spaying and neutering and make the right choice for your pets! Benefits Of Spaying & Neutering (PDF) SpayAware is supported by Veterinary Ireland, the DoneDeal PetAware Project, Allianz, the ISPCA and Maxi Zoo, as well as a range of well-known Irish animal welfare and rescue groups. For further information, visit: #SpayAware