Some updates to our Car Section

Have a look at our Car Search updates Following feedback from our many users in the Car section, it was obvious we needed to be doing a lot more to help both buyers and sellers. First things first, our Car Make and Model list had become a bit unwieldy to say the least. Listing all possible makes and models seemed a good idea at the time, but now in hindsight it wasn’t our brightest idea!  It became really hard to find what you wanted. And you really notice this when you put yourselves in the shoes of a buyer! So we took the step to completely review all our make and models and list only makes and models that appear on our site at that time. This means if we have an ads for, say, a Ford Mustang, that section will appear in our list of Makes and Models. But if that ad is removed and we’ve no ads for that particular car, that section will be hidden until someone else places an ad for one.  This way, you’ll only see a list for what’s actually available to be bought on our site! Check them out here. Secondly, we wanted to help people to not have to bump their ads so often. We felt this would save them money and stop buyers seeing the same ads appear at the top of the list over and over. We thought the best way to do this would be to help buyers focus on the ads themselves rather than on the age of the ad. So we have started this process by replacing the age of the ad with the Year of the car in the search list, something that everyone needs to know before they purchase.  Ads still appear in newest first order however, so you still know which ads went on first.  You can see this change here. There is much more in the pipeline here, but we wanted to make some small changes first to see what you think. So, check them out, give us your feedback, we REALLY want to know.