Snap to it and be ready for a cold snap

If 2010 has taught us anything, it’s that we are ill-equipped to deal with cold weather. Check out DoneDeal’s range of winter gear and make sure you don’t get caught short the next time the temperatures plummet How prepared are you for bad weather? Stocking up on tinned and frozen food is one thing, but there are many other items that can help get you through winter or that unexpected icy spell. Whether you want to make some money, or nab a bargain on winter goods, one of the most important areas to concentrate on is safety. For example, having the right wheels on a vehicle can make all the difference during those absolutely necessary road trips, and you will find these and a whole range of similar, safety-related items for drivers on DoneDeal. Individuals and businesses around the country are advertising snow socks, new and part-worn snow and winter tyres and snow chains on the site. Of course, before purchasing, make sure you research the suitability of these items to our winter road conditions. Alternatively, if you happen to have these items taking up space in your garage, then before, during and after an icy spell is an ideal time to put an ad on DoneDeal and find buyers in your area who need them urgently. If just a new set of tyres isn’t good enough for you, there’ s always the opportunity to search for an entirely new set of wheels on DoneDeal. Maybe it’s time to invest in a 4×4, jeep or car with four-wheel drive – or indeed to sell your own at a time when there is increased interest in these types of vehicles. At the extreme end of the scale, depending on how prone you are to getting snowed in, there’s always plenty of choice in JCBs, diggers, tractors and the like to dig your way out! Whether or not you have to travel to the Alps to get enough decent powder to ski or snowboard, winter is when people start thinking about ski and snowboarding paraphernalia. Snowboards, skis and other gear such as ski suits, jackets, trousers and boots are all to be found on DoneDeal. In many cases, these will have been used just once or not at all, making them a good deal for buyers. Owners of such items with no plans to go on a ski holiday in the near future can sell them via DoneDeal, thereby making room in their garage or wardrobe and landing extra cash in their wallets. Something else for athletic types, pedestrians and users of public transport in cities to consider searching for on DoneDeal is the variety of grips and studs you can pull on over your footwear. These are designed to help people keep a grip when walking on icy paths and roads, and are extremely useful during a cold snap. If you plan to stay tucked up at home during the freezing conditions, it’s important to have everything you need to keep you warm. Items advertised on DoneDeal include firewood (delivered to your door), turf, coal, electric and storage heaters, kitchen ranges and stoves, and electric blankets. And remember, if the cold weather just makes you want to skip the country as soon as possible, you can always see what’s available in DoneDeal’s Travel Tickets, Overseas or International Property sections! #Winter