Sell on business equipment to help meet tax expenses

Do you need cash to put towards your business tax requirements? Here’s how to streamline your business – and keep the tax man happy – by selling unwanted equipment If you’re a business owner with a preliminary tax, income tax or VAT bill hanging over your head, here are some ideas that will help you to free up space, offload unwanted items and raise funds in one fell swoop. DoneDeal has an entire section devoted to Business, so take a look and get some ideas on how to make money from unwanted items. Tax compliance You need to be aware that there might be tax implications for large value capital equipment, for example motor vehicles. Any sales of these larger items need to be included in your company’s income, under ‘profit on sale of assets’ in your profit and loss account for the year. Always do your research and talk to your accountant in order to maintain your tax compliance. Company transport If car insurance and fuel costs are causing concern, it could be time to downsize your fleet to the bare essentials. DoneDeal’s Motor section will give you an idea of what your van or car could sell for. Specialised transport is listed in the Business section. The Catering sub-section includes items such as ice cream vans, hot dog stalls and catering trailers. Office furniture Are you constantly manoeuvring around unused desks, chairs and filing cabinets? This could be a great opportunity to streamline your office and maximise space. Check out DoneDeal’s Office Fittings on what’s selling and the average asking price. Items for sale include boardroom table and chairs, safes, desks, swivel chairs, partitions and shelving. Non-traditional or specialist items are also listed in this section. These include reception counters, drawing tables, beauty couches and other salon furniture. Office equipment and stationery Don’t automatically think of a skip when you want to get rid of unused or outdated electronic equipment. Check out DoneDeal’s Electronics section for ideas on IT-related sales, from laptops to hard drives and computer screens. You can also sell electronic items and any unwanted or surplus stationery in the Office Fittings section. Have a look at what your photocopier, printer, scanner or fax machine could make, as well as whiteboards, thermal binders and laminators. It might be an idea to sell unwanted or bulk-ordered stationery as a bundle. This could include any items that are taking up room in a storage unit, such as unused paper, pens, expanding files and ring binders. Other businesses If you’re in the pub or food trade, check out DoneDeal’s Catering Fittings section for ideas on which unused items could be making you a profit. Everything from refrigerators, coffee machines and hot display units to pub and restaurant furniture is listed here. Getting started Never DoneDealed before? Check out the Blog for great articles giving tips and advice such as Make your Donedeal ad work for you and Get value for your €1, €3, or €5 ad investment. #Smallbusiness