Scorching home heating options on DoneDeal

Is the cold reality of winter starting to sink in or are you looking for a more efficient way to heat your home? You can find a range of home heating options from kitchen stoves to electric fires on DoneDeal Gone are the days of just relying on an open fire to heat a house – whether it’s fashion or fuel efficiency stoves and ranges are all the rage these days. If you’re thinking of changing how you heat your home, there’s a lot to choose from and a lot of practicalities to consider. Kitchens Popular stove options for larger kitchens include: Ranges (the classic farmhouse Aga or Stanley-type cookers) Huge capacity – with up to four ovens and hot plates on the stove top for cooking. Modern ranges come in a variety of fuel sources (electricity, oil, natural or propane gas), so are very energy efficient. They heat the kitchen, as well as being cooking appliances. They are built to last, so second hand models in good condition are readily available. Living rooms Multi-fuel stoves (free-standing, modern and hot, hot, hot!) Ideal for open plan kitchen/dining or living rooms. If you’ve experienced one of these, you’ll know how effective they are for heating a big space. Reliant on fossil fuels and wood, so less environmentally-friendly. Boiler stove Solid fuel stoves similar in design to the multi-fuel stoves, but attached to a boiler that can heat up to 12 radiators, getting the most out of your heat. Other options You’ll be spoiled for choice for heating options on DoneDeal, including: flame effect electric fires gas heaters – both modern wall-mounted, flame effect fires and classic, free-standing stove models an array of antique and modern surrounds to give an existing fireplace a new look Installation Safe and professional installation is paramount. This is not an area where you can afford to cut corners. Before you buy any stove, new or second hand, do your research. Find out the installation requirements and costs If your stove is to be connected to a boiler, you’ll need a plumber’s involvement too Are there suitably trained fitters in your areas that come recommended? Do they have experience with the particular model you’re looking at? Is the model in good working condition? Does it come with a warranty? Making your decision Take your time picking a stove that will suit your needs and the design of your home. Talk to other people about their recommendations. A good stove is a lifetime investment. Fuel efficiency If you’re investing in a new stove, it’s worth doing a bit of homework on energy efficiency. You want to achieve a cosy home without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a more environmentally-friendly home heating system, wood chip and wood pellet boilers are the buzz word at the moment on the green scene, as they’re carbon neutral fuel sources. For more information on the latest, and greenest, home heating options – and possible grants you can avail of – check out the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland at #Heating #HouseampDIY #Stoves #Winter