Safety tips for buying cars online

In my previous job as Head of the Stolen Motor Vehicle Investigation Unit for An Garda Síochana, it always amazed me how many people who purchased stolen vehicles would later say “In the back of my mind I knew there was something not quite right”. In my mind I would ask was it: The seller arranging to meet you in a secluded area away from CCTV and not at his/her home? Someone else meeting you with the car at the last minute as the seller was busy? The seller’s name did not correspond with the name and address on the Vehicle Registration Document? Insisting on cash only? No tax, NCT or insurance disc on the windscreen? The car being sold at below value or reducing the price without too much pressure? Was the car not located at the address on the Vehicle Registration Certificate? When buying a second hand car, you should carry out a car history check. Find the location of the stamped-in Vehicle Identification Number (VIN or CHASSIS) in the car and check it corresponds to the Vehicle Registration Certificate. Bring a friend who knows cars or a mechanic with you. Arrange to meet the seller at their home or alternatively a public place with good CCTV. If in any doubt, walk away. If the car is discovered to be a stolen vehicle, you will lose your money and the car. Check out comprehensive buying and selling safety tips on If you have any concerns, you can report an advert to hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie or contact your local Garda Station or the Crimestoppers confidential line: #Cars #Motor #Safety