Responsible selling to new drivers

Learner drivers can’t wait to buy their first car and sellers are happy to oblige but both must make sure they are safe, not sorry People buy and sell cars for a number of financial and personal reasons. But for young or new drivers, it can be a daunting process. In general, first-time car buyers prefer to start out with a cheaper, older car. This may seem like an easy sell to the DoneDealer with a car for sale. However, there are a few things to consider before handing the keys over to a buyer who is possibly new to the road. First of all, after you meet with the prospective buyer, ask to see their driving licence or learner permit. If they fail to produce one, is it possible that he or she is too young to drive? Minor mistake, major penalty According to the Road Safety Authority, you can face a fine of up to €3,000 and/or six months in prison by selling, gifting, loaning, hiring or supplying a vehicle to a minor (under 16 for a motorbike or under 17 for a car) under the 2004 Road Traffic Act. Therefore, it is in the seller’s best interest to make sure that the car buyer is not a minor. The introduction of stricter laws in recent years means that learner drivers must be accompanied by an experienced driver called a sponsor. This person must have held a full licence in the relevant category for at least two years. For your own peace of mind, it may be worthwhile ensuring that the parent or guardian of a young, learner driver is present when conducting a sale. However, it is also a case of buyer beware if you’re a new driver searching for your first car. There’s a wide-held belief that inexperienced drivers and fast or high-powered cars are not a good mix. If you’re looking at a powerful vehicle you will need to think of the higher running costs associated with some vehicles. Phone a friend Having fallen for your dream buy, let your head rule your heart and check out insurance, motor tax and running costs. After all, there is nothing worse than having a car you can’t afford to run. Bring someone who knows about cars with you when meeting the seller. Most importantly, don’t forget your sponsor if you’re a learner driver. Both buyer and seller should make sure that there is proper insurance in place for carrying out that all-important test drive. As well as the condition of the vehicle, the safety of the buyer and his or her passengers are at stake. If you are the seller, you might have to take out test-drive insurance or check the driver’s existing insurance covers your car. Don’t risk losing the vehicle and a sale. Uninsured beginner drivers should be equally careful, and check with the seller to make sure you or your nominated driver is fully covered. #Motor