Rescue Section Updates

We have made a number of updates to the rescue sections on DoneDeal over the last few weeks. Here is a summary of the most important changes. Ad Pages We have updated the text on all ad pages for rescue ads. The ads now say “For Adoption” instead of “For Sale”. And instead of “Price” we say “Donation”, if the rescue centre wants to highlight any adoption costs. Adopted Dogs When rescue animals have been re-homed we flag the ad as “Adopted” instead of “Sold”. See Butch’s ad for an example. More Animals A whole lot more of rescue centres have joined our free Rescue Centre Programme. A few weeks ago we only had 17 rescue dogs on the site, now we have more than 100 dogs for adoption. More People We have promoted the rescue section with banners across DoneDeal. The promotion has really helped increase awareness. In the last two weeks the rescue section has been read 42,306 times, up from 16,150 times the two weeks before. Great to see that people are starting to look in the rescue section first, before they look at the rest of the site. Our goal is that everyone looking for an animal on DoneDeal will check out the rescue section first. What’s Next? A big thank you to all the rescue centres who are helping us improve the rescue section, and have signed up for our Rescue Centre Programme. Many of the changes above came from meetings and discussions with various Irish rescue centres, so your feedback is very important and helpful. We still have some things we want to improve on the site. We hope to have them sorted over the next few weeks, but please keep the feedback and ideas coming.