Rent out your holiday home

Take the worry out of keeping your second home by renting it out to tourists on DoneDeal Worried about meeting annual second property taxes along with electricity, heating and maintenance costs? Why not try make your money back for the price of a DoneDeal ad? With the rise in ‘staycations’ it’s never been a better time to rent out a house or apartment to tourists. Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or new to the tourism sector, we have advice on how to make a return on your investment in placing a DoneDeal ad on our Holiday & Tickets section. Basic information If you want people to rent a holiday home/house/cottage/apartment they will want a full description of the property, its location, facilities, attractions and what’s on in the area. You can find this out on local or national tourism websites. Distances from shops/pubs/tourist attractions on foot and by car are really important too – 2km is more accurate than ‘five minutes’ for example. Describe everything in the house from beds (king/double/single for example) to type of television (i.e. 32″ flatscreen, satellite, Saorview, cable). Has your house a distinguishing feature? Is it a 200-year-old cottage? Modern architecture? Mention anything that will make it stand out. Name all the mod cons eg dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, microwave and so on. Is there a garden, decking or a balcony? Is there a swing, BBQ or garden furniture? Mention anything that will make people feel like they are on their holidays. Update your ad Many holidaymakers have set dates and budgets in mind when planning a break away. Update your ad (click edit beside the ad) when you receive bookings for certain dates so that only available dates are shown. This will save you from dealing with unnecessary calls or emails. It’s also important to think of your own needs – don’t put up dates that you want for yourself! Upgrade your offering One way to make a holiday home more attractive is to offer extras. Put yourself in the shoes of someone searching for self catering accommodation. If you’re near water you could buy in surfboards, bodyboards, fishing rods or canoes/kayaks advertised on DoneDeal to make renting your property more attractive. Mountain bikes for adults and children can be an ideal addition for families looking to get out in the fresh air on their break. Look at the DoneDeal Sports & Leisure section for inspiration. Plan ahead Even if your property isn’t available until the summer months, you can benefit by putting up an ad year round. Some people plan ahead and having your ad up will raise awareness. Do it properly Enquire with your insurance company if you require extra insurance if you’re renting out a property Find out if you will have to pay tax on your rental income by talking to your local Revenue office Get a television licence Make arrangements for bins to be collected or waste disposed of properly Take decent photos to upload to the ad; showing views and rooms Add a video of the property Pinpoint the property on Google Maps and email the link to people so they know how to get there Hire a cleaner or book in family members to scrub the house between visitors, wash and iron sheets and dress beds Get the price right – see what the going rate is in your area and ensure all costs are covered: television licence, electricity, fuel, insurance, bins, new bedding and cleaning costs #Schoolholidays #Renting #Holidays #HolidaysampTickets #HouseampDIY #Property