RealDeal: reselling kids’ impromptu purchases

Is your child likely to hold on to their communion money? Or are they a spender? Communion and birthday money can be the first experience of money burning a hole in their pocket for a child – and impromptu purchases. A good way to deal with this disappointment is for parents to place the unsuitable item on DoneDeal and get some money back quickly. Ciara McCarthy from Waterford explains how DoneDeal came to the rescue to recoup some of her son’s birthday money. When he realised his Heelys – trainers with a wheel in the heel – were really difficult to use they did the clever thing and put them for sale on DoneDeal. “I sold Heely’s ‘somebody’ bought out of their birthday money and decided they didn’t really like them or want them – they were too hard apparently – so he sold them and was able to buy something else out of the money,” Ciara told DoneDeal. Placing an ad from the app “I put up the ad on my mobile. I’ve a Samsung Galaxy and couldn’t believe how easy it was. You’re just able to click away and they were up within a few minutes.” The Heelys may not have been for her son, but they were a high demand item with someone else willing to travel to get them. “The Heelys were sold within a couple of days – there was just a bit of to-ing and fro-ing as to where we were going to meet that person as they were in Dublin.” Kids’ talk Our advice is – make sure the child gets the money back or a present in lieu or else they will might claim that they didn’t reap the benefit of the DoneDeal sale. Listen to our interview with Ciara to hear her son’s reaction! Important note for parents/guardians: take control of the ad yourself! It goes without saying that your kid shouldn’t be doing the buying or selling on DoneDeal. #BabyampKids #Fashion #RealDeal #Toys