RealDeal: DoneDealer tales

Living in small spaces and hoarding unused items don’t go hand and hand together, which is why apartment dweller Mairead Gallagher has been using DoneDeal to buy what she needs and sell on what she doesn’t have use for. When we spoke to Mairead at the SMA know-how Pregnancy & Baby Fair 2015 at the RDS she had a three and a half year old daughter in a buggy and a baby on the way. Saving space Mairead uses DoneDeal as both a buyer and a seller. “We have a very small apartment so I buy what we need when I need it and I sell it again when we’re finished with it,” she explains. Easy to use Mairead finds using DoneDeal easy. What she likes in particular from a buyer’s perspective is not having to give credit card details. Getting ready for the new arrival So in preparation for the new arrival Mairead has made a list of what she needs and is keeping an eye out for good quality items on DoneDeal. Selling tips She’s also a seasoned seller. Examples include selling on buggies when her child gets too big for them. “I’ve sold cots, bouncing chairs, moses baskets, bicycles, anything really.” These are Mairead’s suggestions for putting baby items up for sale: She washes baby items to the standard she would use them Photograph them once washed Place separate ads – or else you’ll lose the customer Her main tip for anybody who has baby items at home that they no longer use is to find as much stuff as you can and get on DoneDeal! Tell me more Read more about buying and selling baby items on DoneDeal. Listen to the full interview #Toys #RealDeal #Declutter #PregnancyampBabyFair #BabyWear #BabyampKids