Profit on DoneDeal by spring cleaning your home

Put a spring in your step by clearing your home of unwanted items and selling them on DoneDeal for a nice sum Springtime is the traditional time for starting up the hoover and dusting around the house. However, if you really want to get rid of the cobwebs of times gone by, removing unused items and dated furniture can make your home feel like new. Find peace after spring cleaning your home Instead of hiring a skip and sending everything to the dump, sell them on DoneDeal. Start by taking out your camera and snapping photos of items you no longer want in your life. Obviously, we mean items that would be suitable for resale. Remember to take shots from various angles or even include a short video to help potential buyers make up their minds quickly. You can upload photos direct from your phone or computer (once you’ve transferred the photos over from your camera or phone) to a DoneDeal ad. Here’s some tips on what you could sell Home improvements Attics, garages, sheds and spare rooms can end up filled with all sorts of items that have never been used because they didn’t fit in with the decor or were unwanted gifts. From soft furnishings like lamps to heavy and tailormade curtains, many a house has cash in the attic. If you’re selling an item include in the description the brand name, where it was bought or if it is a one-off made by a designer. Consider including the original price if it was originally expensive or mention if it is an antique. Furniture From uncomfortable sofas to dated wooden furniture, we all have objects in our homes that we don’t like and may never have liked. If you’re redecorating or bringing your surroundings into the 21st Century why not try selling those unwanted pieces of furniture on the second hand market. The same goes for new or boxed items that you haven’t gotten around to assembling – sell it on DoneDeal. Clothing From wedding dresses and communion wear to vintage clothes and designer labels, there’s plenty of reasons to sell your clothes and shoes on DoneDeal. Important things to include are if the clothing or footwear has been worn, still has tags on, is a recognised brand or is from a certain era (e.g. 80s punk leather jacket). Don’t forget the demand for fancy dress costumes for themed parties and Halloween. Make sure items are clean before you sell them on. Books The Books subsection in our Music & Education section is where you’ll find books for sale. Make sure to photograph and categorise properly e.g. crime, children’s, history and so on. Electronics Remember there’s a second-hand market for all sorts of electronics in good, working condition. Hi-fis and stereos often take up valuable space in a living room or bedroom, covered in inches of dust. Someone somewhere might be looking for a good set of speakers, a turntable or a tape deck. If you’re looking for a bigger or sleeker television or think it’s time to downsize to just one tv in the house you can sell your old telly on DoneDeal. #Wedding #Declutter #SpringClean #Spring #HouseampDIY