Photo apps to help you sell

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned snapper, or more the point-and-click type, there is an app out there that will help you show your sale items at their best There are thousands upon thousands of items advertised on DoneDeal at any given time. One effective way to make sure your ad stands out is to include really impressive photographs of your wares. So how do you make your photo catch the eye of the buyer? Given the huge variety of apps available on smartphones, there’s no excuse not to put a little bit of work into making sure your item for sale is showcased in the best possible light. So whether you consider yourself an amateur photographer, or tend to just click and hope for the best, there’s an app out there to help you get a great shot for your DoneDeal ad. Of course, there’s such a broad choice of camera and photo apps it can be hard to know where to start, so here are a few suggestions. Instagram Instagram is probably the best known photo app around, and is available free of charge to iPhone and Android users. The app is attractive, easy to use, and allows you to crop and edit your picture with great lighting and colour effects. It can make the car or motorbike you’re selling look even more alluring than it already is, and is therefore a useful app choice for car sellers on DoneDeal. iTunes Google Play Store Sketchy Sketchy allows you to apply an artist’s effect to your photo. iTunes Google Play Store Vintage effects A retro effect can work really nicely on items for sale on DoneDeal, particularly if you’re selling antique jewellery or furniture, vintage clothes, wedding items or general accessories. Vintage Deco is a popular iTunes app while Android users could try Vintage Camera. PicSay If you want to be really creative and have some fun with your DoneDeal ads, then you could use the PicSay app to edit your photos. Available to both iPhone and Android, this award-winning app lets you add word balloons, headings and other novelty graphics. It could come in especially handy if you want to sell a holiday or concert tickets, or if you’re selling musical instruments. iTunes Google Play Photo Studio Photo Studio gives you a host of different effects and colours, and allows you to lighten, brighten, sharpen or blur to your heart’s content. iTunes Google Play Over Dream of mixing cool fonts and graphics with an image of what you’re selling? Over allows you to add text and artwork to photos (iOS only at time of writing). iTunes Collage apps Have too many photos? How about combining a few into one image with a collage app like PicJointer on iOS or PhotoGrid on Android? iTunes Google Play The beauty of placing ads on DoneDeal is that it can all be done from your smartphone, every step of the way, and you can include your fantastically edited photos to wow the buyers out there. Just save the edited image to your phone and choose it when placing your ad. Find more tips on taking great pictures for your DoneDeal ad. #Photos #Placinganad