Perfect touches for Communion days

As First Holy Communion season gets into full swing, see how DoneDeal can help you to make it a day to remember If you’ve a First Communion coming up, you’re probably under an awful lot of stress. Gone are the days of it being all about the Communion, some family photos, a few quid for the first savings account and sandwiches at home or a meal in the local hotel. Nowadays it’s expensive dresses and suits, lavish dos for family and friends, and making sure everybody is entertained. So whether you’re planning months ahead or are doing it all at the last minute, we’ve some tips to help you on your child’s big day. Transport Is your people carrier too small to bring the extended family to the church and for a bite to eat afterwards? If you sneak into the DoneDeal wedding transport section, you’ll find lots of different options, from luxury buses to classic cars and horse-drawn carriages – whatever your style! Entertainment on the day First Holy Communions are about the children, so why not focus your energy and budget on providing entertainment for your child and other children who you have invited? A range of kids’ entertainment options can be found on DoneDeal. For example, just type in bouncy castles – if there’s a shortage of them in your area, at least you may find another provider willing to travel. Have a think or ask your child what they want and put words into our search engine. Or why not get in some toys? Take a look first at our toy section. If you’re entertaining at home, there’s also the option to go ‘all out’ and get in a marquee, caterers and even some music. While you’re at it, why not revamp the garden with new flowers and shrubs or garden furniture. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it on DoneDeal. After the Communion Is your child a spender a saver or, indeed, a young DoneDealer? If your cash-rich kid has their heart set on buying a big item with their Communion money rather than leaving it to the mercy of the banks, you may be able to leave some savings in their accounts by buying through DoneDeal. Just make sure you make the phone calls to sellers! See if you can nab a discount by saying the item is being bought with the child’s First Holy Communion money. Outfits Boys and girls get completely different value out of their Communion clothes. A boy may wear his Communion suit for family occasions such as weddings or christenings during the year. However, it’s not often a little girl gets a second wear out of her Communion dress, unless there’s a special school/church occasion soon after. Rather than leaving a dress just lying in the wardrobe complete with orange juice or grass stains, it’s a good idea to get it dry cleaned. Although you may want to hold onto the dress for sentimental reasons, you should consider putting it up on DoneDeal – if you don’t want to do it straight away, you can do so when the next Communion season is coming around. Don’t forget to include a photo of it on a hanger and include the size/height. #BabyampKids #Communion