Parents’ guide to boosting baby’s college fund

Does your baby have more designer clothes than you do? As your little one shoots up and outgrows all those gorgeous gifts, not to mention buggies, car seats and cots, why not have a clear-out to make space and help your pocket – and your sanity At just a few weeks old, babies can end up having a more extensive wardrobe than both their parents put together. Between gifts, hand-me-downs from siblings and cousins, and items expectant parents had purchased in advance, babies generate a great collection of clothes. However, as any parent will know, babies grow quickly and new clothes end up unworn and taking up space. Indeed, some babies have outgrown their newborn clothing by the day they’re born. So what is a new mother or father to do with the selection of stylish-but-too-small items that Junior has amassed? While many will put them aside for a future son or daughter or transfer the problem to the attic, there is another option. Sell them. Top brands and designer labels Many babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers have a wider selection of clothes than they can get through. As many are given as gifts, they can include top brands; designer labels that a mum or dad would only wish for in their own wardrobe. As some of these never end up worn anyway, they are likely to still have the shop tags which means they are prime items for resale. Great way to declutter While reselling gifts may be a taboo issue for some people, it is a great way to declutter a home that will continue to be filled with that child’s belongings for the next 18 years.

Don’t forget, small children also bring other items they grow out of into a household. Cots, prams, pushchairs, buggies, car seats, bouncers, walkers, changing tables, rocking chairs, play mats, mobiles, travel cots all slowly fill up a house or apartment. They too are prime goods to advertise for sale on DoneDeal. Baby’s college fund So if you’re a harried parent trying to keep order in your home and don’t mind the opportunity to find some extra cash to pay for essentials or put into baby’s college fund, we have some tips to help you sell your baby paraphernalia. Firstly, you’ll have to be prepared to meet the buyer in person and you can read through our safety guidelines about this and accepting payments (cash, postal orders or bank drafts are best). We don’t recommend posting items. What if you never receive payment? What about buyers who might suspect you’re a scam artist that won’t send on the items? How to categorise items To increase your chances of a response to your ad think of what you would want to know if you were somebody viewing clothes online for your own child or to give as a gift. The features such as condition, size, look and label are just as important as price. Don’t forget to go into detail Sort everything out by unworn/still with the price tag on and then used/worn items. Divide these into size/age and also separate clothes between boys/girls/neutral. Take note of any well-known brands. You will then need to photograph each item. When you’re creating your ad, ensure all these details are included. If you’re busy with a small child the last thing you want is to be answering calls or emails from people seeking further information. Furthermore, enjoy this entrepreneurial diversion. #BabyampKids #College #Declutter #Finances