Outdoor dining in style

Warmer temperatures, blue skies and longer evenings are luring you outside but if you’re planning to do any eating, entertaining or lounging outside, then it’s time to spruce up your outdoor dining area. Even if you’re a novice gardener (at best) with only a small outdoor area to work with, there are ways to make your outdoor dining area great without breaking the bank. Tropical Punch Want to add a touch of fun to your outdoor space? Cue the colourful accents! From cushions to flower pots, Summer is the perfect time to go bold with colours and patterns. Don’t even worry about sticking with a colour scheme, the brighter the better 😉 Credit: The Style Files Light It Up Lighting can instantly add a warm glow to your outdoor area. Candles, lanterns and fairy lights all create an enchanting atmosphere for you to relax in when the sun disappears. You can even create DIY tin can lanterns using a drill and spray paint and hang them from tree branches – same effect and very eco-friendly! Credit: House Doctor Splash of Green If you’re a city dweller that wants to add a splash of green to a brick patio, fake it until you make it! Fake grass and flowers are a great, cost effective way to add some greenery to your scenery. Plus, no maintenance required 😉 Credit: Houzz.com Shady Lady We do live in Ireland, so it’s important to have some sort of umbrella at hand! Flip a large flower pot upside down over the saucer and place an umbrella inside the hole at the top. Now you can spend all day outside in the shade (or take cover if it starts to bucket from the heavens…) Credit: YesterdayOnTuesday.com Build a Pallet We’ve all seen the outdoor sofas made of palettes but now is the time to act! Put aside some time this weekend to make one up, they’re easier than you think! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, make a flower pallet display which is equally as eye-catching. If you really get into the swing of things, you can even upcycle a couple and sell them on DoneDeal! Credit: 101 Pallets Easy Seating If you’re a regular entertainer, you’ll know that seating can often pose a problem when you’re sitting outside. Why not try spray painting some milk crates topped with scrap wood or a cable spool – colour and convenience combined! Plus they’re easy to store during the winter months. Credit: Trends Realm Dress The Table There are loads of cheap and colourful tableware items doing the rounds and it’s the perfect way to decorate an outdoor space. Look out for colourful tablecloths, table mats, plates, glasses and napkins to create an Instagram worthy table. (And if anything it will distract from any burnt food…) Credit: Babble DIY Fire Pit We all love a good outdoor fire pit because firstly it gives us something to stare at and secondly it keeps us warm once the sun goes down. There are loads of great DIY fire pit ideas available from washing machine drums to a calculated pile of bricks, all of which are great ways to add another point of focus to your outdoor area. Credit: Instructables Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and those creative juices flowing! Tweet us @DoneDeal with your outdoor makeovers! #OutdoorDecor #OutdoorDining #OutdoorDIY