Our NEW Advanced Search is here!

How our new Car search page will look Hi folks, We recently updated our Car Make and Model list, which based on your feedback has been a success. But having chatted with a number of our regular DoneDealers, it seems that quite a few of you did not know about our advanced search option or at least didn’t think it was clear enough on our search page. We knew we had to improve this so, now when you come into our car search page you will see our redesigned search option open for you to use, where you can easily refine your search by price, body type, mileage etc. If like me you still search in miles, dont worry, our search option also searches for your mileage choice when kilometers is selected (& vice versa), so you wont miss seeing any cars in your mileage range But if you dont want to refine your search but simply want to see all the cars, dont worry you can, just simply scroll down and begin your search. Have a look around and let us know what you think in a comment below. #Motor