October’s Charity Month!

October’s #DoneDealCharityMonth charities have been selected by Donna, Alison and Micheal. We will donate 10% from EVERY new ad placed on DoneDeal during the month of October into the charity pot to be shared equally between: Epilepsy Ireland Pomegranate Neuroblastoma Research Epilepsy Ireland In addition, Epilepsy Ireland are actively involved in raising awareness of epilepsy (a very much misunderstood condition); educating & training health professionals and funding Irish epilepsy research. The charity’s vision is for a society in which no person’s life is limited by epilepsy. Pomegranate Pomegranate provide help for those suffering from infertility. There is no fertility treatment available on the public health service in Ireland so for those who cannot afford private treatment, a diagnosis is often the end of the line. Their aim is to help those people to deal with this devastating medical condition and to take a step further towards becoming a parent. All donations go directly to funding fertility treatment for those who cannot otherwise afford it. No salaries are paid and no expenses are reimbursed. Our donation should allow 3 – 4 couples to do their first attempt at IVF. Neuroblastoma Research A close family member of Alison’s was affected by the deadly illness but managed to overcome it against all the odds. The specific research being supported by DoneDeal is designed to shed light on the most severe form of this disease. The hope is that this research will contribute to improved treatments for Neuroblastoma in the future.