Need a last minute gift idea?

What can you buy for the person who has everything? Check out items for sale on DoneDeal and you may very well find the answer – or, if you have any collectibles you want to sell, you could solve someone’s present dilemma In a Christmas special of the popular television series Modern Family, viewers saw eager-to-impress son-in-law Phil buy a collector’s item for his father-in-law. The deal was done in a parking lot and Phil, who is always trying to impress father-in-law Jay, was keen to pay extra for the great condition the rare baseball card was in. Put some time into finding a special gift like an antique or collector's item That special present Jay’s an older, self-made man and Phil’s present, which he found online, is the perfect example of what you can buy the person who has everything. You can buy them something unique or rare. Old and second hand is fine when it comes to special gifts like these. Maybe you’ll be able to tug on their heart strings or make them feel like a big kid with a present that evokes memories of their childhood. Something for everyone Whether you’re a buyer or seller, there’s space for you here. You might have something of value to sell if:

• You’re a hoarder and your storage areas are full of items stretching back a few decades

• You’ve inherited items or a property that hold no emotional value

• You’re a collector of items that may interest other people Our Antiques & Collectibles section is divided into four subsections, which makes it easier to match items for sale with buyers’ interests. These are: Antiques, Collectibles, Art & Decorations, and Books Setting the price If you’re a seller, it can be a good idea to review what other people are selling on the default ‘For Sale Ads’ tab. You can also check out the ‘Wanted Ads’ tab to see what people are looking for. Finding a price point may be difficult for some items, so look at the amounts other people are quoting. We’ve all heard stories of the masterpiece or rare item that was bought for a few euro and sold for thousands. That’s the luck of the draw. The most important thing is that you’re happy with the amount you sell an item for and have no regrets. And remember you’re probably making someone’s day if it is a rare, unusual or collectible item that you sell. It’s not something they can easily get elsewhere. Veritable Aladdin’s cave The Antiques & Collectibles section is a virtual Aladdin’s cave for buyers. Like all sections on, you never know what you may find. Another benefit is that you will get to see the condition of the item, in person, before you make up your mind about buying. Antiques Furniture, ornaments and delph often find their way into this section, making it perfect for the Downton Abbey fan. Collectibles Bank notes, toys, signs and advertisements from days gone by often feature here. It’s great for a trip down memory lane for big kids. Art & Decorations Pictures, paintings, artwork and figurines are displayed here – some old, some new. What better way to fill a space on the wall. Books Encyclopaedias, children’s book collections from all eras, first editions and general fiction can be discovered here. It’s the perfect section for book lovers. #Gifts