My DoneDeal Updates!

We’re always working hard to enhance the features for our DoneDealers and I hope you’ve noticed lots of improvements via “My DoneDeal”  in recent months. So, now as well as being able to manage your own placed ads you can also pick up your pending ads when you log in via your DoneDeal account. This is great for those occasions when you want to come back to an ad later to upload more photo’s or include the milage that you’d forgotten to note for example. So now, all your efforts are not gone to waste, you can simply continue placing your ad when you log in! Another cool feature is, if you’ve almost negotiated a deal but haven’t got to finalise it yet, you can now withdraw your ad. This means you can stop getting calls while you seal the deal and hopefully come back later to mark it as sold . This will be a great feature for people who maybe want to stop getting calls while they enjoy a break away with family for the weekend for example because you’ll have the option to re-list your ad when you get back.