Manufacturer Approved Used Cars

A Manufacturer Approved used car is a certified used car that’s very different from the average used car. A car can be “Approved” either by a dealer using a Manufacturer’s specifications and ensuring it has passed the Manufacturers quality checks.There are a number of advantages that come along with Approved Used Cars. View Manufacturer Approved Cars now. A multipoint quality check and inspection: A dealer will check on hundreds of parts and systems to ensure they meet the minimum requirements set out by the Manufacturer. The quality checks are both mechanical and visual. An extended warranty: Typically, a Manufacturer Approved used car will get an extended warranty, giving you the peace of mind that the vehicle comes with a guarantee its roadworthiness. Other incentives: Approved used cars often come with a service history report, roadside assistance and flexible finance options. We’ve added a new Approved label to relevant ads on our ad details pages. You’ll now be able to tell which cars are approved and which manufacturer has approved them. When a car is approved, you’ll be able to see the top four programme benefits for that manufacturer in our new Approved Programme section on the car ad. The Approved Programme details are located below “Key Info”, and you can view the complete list by clicking see more. Discover Manufacturer Approved used cars now.