Make video your ad’s shop front

Give potential buyers something to really look at by adding a video from your phone, camera or your own YouTube account to your DoneDeal ad When you’re thinking of buying something (or just prone to impulse buying) do you find having a good look at something makes all the difference? One of the ways to raise someone’s interest in what you have to sell is by adding a video to your DoneDeal ad so they can see with their own eyes whether they’re interested in your wares – without even bothering you. Adding video when placing an ad can help sell your item You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg and put ET on a bike to make a video that will help you sell. If you want to know techniques to use, have a look at our ‘How you can become the reel deal’ article. However, if you know one end of your camera phone or video making machine of choice from the other, read on, we’ve got some suggestions as to how you can make video work for your ad. A picture may paint a thousand words, but have you ever wished that you could swivel an image around? What people want in a video: • to see an item works and is fully functional

• to see the product is genuine and exists

• to examine the condition of the item for sale

• to get a feel for the item for sale

• to use their ears as well as their eyes to make a decision Sections you could use video in: Animals Showing a video of animals in the environment they are currently living in can give a buyer a better view of the animal’s health, temperament and reassure that they are currently well looked after. Property A video walk through of a commercial or residential property for sale or for rent gives a clear perspective of the size and state of the room/space/property. It saves time on viewings and helps people decide if it matches their needs. Holiday Homes A video walk through of holiday home gives a clear perspective of the size and state of the room/space/property. Showing the grounds, views and having audio on can really help a person decide if it’s their dream holiday destination Motor Put on the engine, pull up the bonnet and walk around the vehicle, zooming in on wheels and other features to give a buyer an idea of the state it is in. Or let a friend video you driving the vehicle to give buyers an idea of how it runs. Toys & Accessories Buyers need to know a toy/game works and fits into their own home. Showing a video can help give them an idea of functionality and size. Clothes You don’t have to have a catwalk model to hand to demonstrate how fabric flows/falls/sits and give someone an idea if the piece you have for sale would suit them. Remember it’s not someone’s cup of tea after watching your video at least you don’t lose a few hours playing phone tag or talking waffle with people who won’t buy the item in the end. #Placinganad #SellingTips #Video