Make this summer an action-packed one

Those long, lazy days of summer will become even longer… and lazier… for your children if they have nothing to do. Whatever they are into, DoneDeal can help Summertime for most people signals fun and relaxation… unless you’re a parent, in which case you’ll be tearing your hair out trying to entertain your children and teens for eight weeks. It can be a real challenge to motivate your kids to put down the phone/remote/console and do something productive – especially if the weather isn’t great.  Here are some ideas to get you started. Getting active Find out what your children’s interests are and let them pick an activity they’d like to do, within budget and travelling distance. There are a range of summer activities to choose from, often in your local area, including: Pony clubs It’s the ideal time for children to develop their interest in horse riding and there are plenty of equestrian centres around the country. DoneDeal has an entire section on Horse riding, with everything you need from ponies and gear to organised clubs and hunts that could save you money. Summer camps Local schools, community groups and GAA clubs will have camps running throughout the summer to get kids active. There are also art and cooking camps for children who are less interested in sport. New activities The summer break is the ideal time to try something new – without the pressure of a busy school schedule. DoneDeal has a great range of activities for all budgets in its Sport and Hobbies section. From watersports and sailing to equestrian and field sports, you can easily find out what’s available in your local area. Education/courses There are always ads offering a wide variety of lessons for children and teens, from guitar, drums and singing to driving and languages. It’s also the traditional time for young people to go away to Irish College, so keep an eye out for offers on courses. Take a look at DoneDeal’s Music and Education section to find lessons within your locality and budget. If your child has a specific interest, for example, art, baking/cooking, woodturning or other activity, you could always set up an email alert for such services/courses. Cultivating green fingers Younger children especially often have an interest in growing things. Some get to experience growing vegetables/flowers at school, but this interest can be tapped into at home too. Check out the Gardening and Landscaping section of House and DIY for ideas on tools and materials to get kids started on their own veggie patch. Equipment/gear Taking up a new activity or going off to a summer camp needn’t cost parents a fortune. Make DoneDeal your first port of call for second-hand/unused items, from sports gear and equipment to musical instruments. You will also find sportswear and specialist clothing for activities such as horse-riding. Going to camp? See if you can get an affordable rucksack, suitcase or sports bag. Tech items such as handheld gaming consoles, MP3 players, phones, tablets/iPads and netbooks can make a three-week stint away from home much easier to handle (if they’re permitted!)If you think music is just going to be a one-summer fad, don’t go top of the range, go for a second-hand item. Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can always set up an email alert for specific items your child needs. Remember – getting your kids active this summer doesn’t have to cost the earth. Have a look at what DoneDeal can offer and try to keep it fun! #Horses #Animals #Equine #Summer #Equestrian