Make summer holidays eventful for kids and teens

Got a testy teen or bored offspring on your hands during the school break? DoneDeal may just be the ticket to finding something interesting to do ‘I’m bored’ and ‘I want to have some fun’ are two of the things that stressed parents, grandparents and minders hear a lot when school is out. If your house and garden are full to the brim with toys, games and everything a tot to a teen needs to keep occupied, it’s time to think outside the box. Concerts and events One thing to think of is music and entertainment. Kids of all ages love concerts. From bands to big name children’s entertainment, there’s generally something interesting on. Sold out needn’t be a worry as many DoneDealers sell on their tickets to sell-out gigs. Sometimes you can get tickets at below face value if tickets are still on sale. Sports If your kids are bored with kickabouts in the back garden, why not let them experience the real thing? Remember that lots of highly desired tickets for sold out sporting events successfully swap hands daily on DoneDeal. You can go all out and bring them to a match abroad or keep it local. Trips away One way to fill in the gaps in the school break is by taking a little holiday in Ireland or abroad. If your family needs a break see if you can pick up some cheap flights or hotel vouchers on DoneDeal. People who have to change their plans will often offer their tickets at a discounted price – which is generally less than buying a fare at short notice. Be mindful that buying tickets this way will involve a name change. Factor this cost into your budget. Check terms and conditions According to Pat Dawson, CEO of the Irish Travel Agents Association, intending buyers should “check the terms and conditions”. “All tickets are different. Ask to see the terms and conditions. Some are not transferrable at all,” he says. Before buying vouchers for accommodation, ring the hotel to ensure that the voucher hasn’t already been used. Don’t be done. Keith Browning of the Irish Hotels Federation advises people to check the expiry dates on vouchers. Planning some fun highlights during long school breaks will keep the kids happy, and stop them climbing the curtains. Tips for buying tickets By perusing the ads on offer on DoneDeal, or placing wanted ads yourself, you can get some top notch deals at knockdown prices. The majority of DoneDealers are genuine sellers, but there are unscrupulous individuals everywhere. Exercise caution when buying used tickets, don’t get caught. Pay particular attention if you are purchasing an e-ticket. Check out our article about buying tickets with total confidence. Remember if you want tickets for a specific concert and event, why not ask? Place a request in the wanted ad section of DoneDeal. This is also a top spot for swopping tickets with others. #BabyampKids #Holidays #Schoolholidays